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  • How to Exercise in a Electric Wheelchair?
    So many people think wheelchair users don’t need regular exercise, this is a wrong perception. Compared with the healthy people, the disabled people especially wheelchair users need exercise more. Why should wheelchair users need exercise? As we all know, wheelchair users need to sit on the chair
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  • What Should A Good Patient Lift Look Like?
    For professional medical staff and family caregivers, moving the patients from place to place would be difficult and dangerous, if they are not strong enough , it may lead to a secondary damage. At this point, the patient lift comes into play. What Is Patient Lift?Patient lift is a medical instrumen
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  • The Use and Maintenance of Electric Nursing Bed
    The electric nursing bed can be used for the timely transfer of patients and, if necessary, for resuscitation of critically ill patients, so it is very popular in hospitals and can effectively solve the physiological problems of patients, as well as reduce the burden of nursing care of escorts, etc.
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  • Information about electric nursing bed
    The electric nursing bed can be controlled by pushing a button to raise and lower the bed, and can automatically adjust the angle and height of the bed using electronic telemetry technology to assist patients to sit up, bending their knees and legs, and rolling over from side to side, assisting the elderly with limited mobility and paraplegia.
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  • Electric Nursing Bed Industry Status and Future
    Electric nursing beds are also known as multi-functional nursing beds, which are used for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients or the elderly, and are not only easy to use but also can reduce the burden of nursing staff. As China's participation in the aging society is accelerating, electric nursing beds will have a better future in the future society.
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  • Electric Nursing Bed Function Introduction
    The electric nursing bed​ is used for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with inconvenient mobility,it was mainly used in hospitals at first. With the development of the economy, electric nursing bed has also entered the homes of ordinary people.
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