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   The mobility scooter is a typical personal transportation device designed to assist people with limited mobility. They offer a convenient and safe way to move around indoors and outdoors and can be used for running errands, going to appointments, or enjoying leisure activities.
   These scooters are powered by the electric motor and batteries. They typically have a comfortable seat, handlebars, and footrests, and may also include a basket or storage compartment for carrying personal items. They are usually operated by a tiller, which controls the speed and direction of the scooter.
   The common mobility scooters we can find on the market are usually made of steel or aluminum alloy. The steel mobility scooter is much cheaper, but it is heavy. Aluminum alloy mobility scooters become more and more popular now. They are much lighter and have a more stable quality. Of course, if you want to find a high-end one that is very light, the carbon fiber mobility scooter would be a great choice.
   JBH is a professional supplier of 4-wheel mobility scooters in China, and we mainly provide foldable and portable mobility scooters. All our products equip the detachable lithium batteries and you can take them on an airplane, very suitable for people who often have to travel by air.
   JBH aims to provide the best mobility scooters. Our products have various advantages and there must have one suitable for you.
   1. Foldable and portable: All JBH mobility scooters are easy to fold, and you can drag them easily when folding them up.

​​​   2. Various folding methods: Some of our mobility scooters have different folding methods, such as manual folding, electric folding, or folding through remote control.

​​​​​​   3. Safe design: Considering safety factors, we have taken many details into account in the design of our mobility scooters. First of all, all products are equipped with seat belts. Secondly, we have anti-rollover wheels to prevent tipping. At the same time, we use an intelligent electromagnetic brake system that can achieve immediate braking. 
  4. Airplane-approved: Our mobility scooters are equipped with lithium batteries, and you can take them on an airplane.

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