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Information about electric nursing bed

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The electric nursing bed can be controlled by pushing a button to raise and lower the bed, and can automatically adjust the angle and height of the bed using electronic telemetry technology to assist patients to sit up, bending their knees and legs, and rolling over from side to side, assisting the elderly with limited mobility and paraplegia.

Here is the content list:

  • Technical features of the electric nursing bed

  • Notes on the use of the electric nursing bed

  • The role of electric nursing bed

Technical features of electric nursing bed

1. Electric nursing bed contains a removable multifunctional table that can be removed and pushed into the bottom of the bed when the patient is finished eating.

2. Equipped with a waterproof mattress, liquid can not penetrate the surface and wipe easily, can keep the bed clean and hygienic for a long time, is breathable, easy to clean and disinfect, has no odor, comfortable and durable.

3. Stainless steel double-section infusion rack allows patients to play IV at home, which provides good help to patients and nursing staff.

4. Detachable head and tail of the bed, easy for caregivers to wash the patient's hair, feet, massage, and other daily care on the electric nursing bed, which is not only very helpful to restoring health but also enhances the confidence of patients and disease-fighting.

5. The wired remote control device allows the patient to adjust the back and foot posture easily and freely, and the calling device in the electric nursing bed wired remote control device can solve the user's urgent needs anytime and anywhere.

Precautions for the use of electric nursing bed

1. When using the electric nursing bed, please place the air mattress front side up, because this side of the open-air jet holes, plays a key role in the treatment of hemorrhoids, such as laying the opposite will affect the role of hemorrhoids prevention and treatment, electric wheelchair air pump should be placed in the patient's heel or hanging on the bed to avoid airflow noise affect the patient.

2. The air mattress on the mattress, for brown bed or wire bed, must be put on a layer of cushion after the air mattress, to avoid the air mattress is a hard brown bed and wire abrasion. The air mattress can be laid on sheets and thin blankets, but not plastic sheeting, rubber sheeting, and other poorly ventilated items, the use of these items will affect the flow of air ejected from the air mattress, and the electric nursing bed will greatly reduce the therapeutic effect.

The role of electric nursing bed

1. It can make the patient more comfortable, electric nursing bed use can help the patient to change the body posture in time, if a long period of inactivity will lead to the patient's body bedsores and the use of nursing beds can help the patient to move, making the patient's body more healthy. And the product can help the lower body of patients to carry out blood circulation and provide them with good help.

2. It makes it more convenient for family members and escorts to take care of patients. Using an electric nursing bed only requires pressing the button on the remote control of the nursing bed, which can relieve the burden of family members and escorts in taking care of patients. The electric nursing bed can be adjusted to the height of the family members and companions, which reduces the burden of nursing care on the companions and greatly enhances the level of rehabilitation care for the patients.

The above is the relevant content about the information about the electric nursing bed. If you are interested in an electric nursing bed, you can contact us, our website is www.jbhmedical.com. I look forward to your arrival very much and hope to cooperate with you.

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