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Electric Nursing Bed Industry Status and Future

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   Electric nursing beds are also known as multi-functional nursing beds, which are used for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients or the elderly, and are not only easy to use but also can reduce the burden of nursing staff. As more and more countries' participation in the aging society is accelerating, electric nursing beds will have a better future in the future society.

Here is the content list:

  • The current state of the electric nursing bed industry

  • The development prospect of electric nursing bed

The current state of the electric nursing bed industry

   Electric nursing beds have now entered thousands of households, bringing convenience to many people and gospel to countless patients and families, and their good performance and humanized design have successfully solved the nursing problems that existed in the past and have been widely favored by consumers. The electric nursing bed integrates the advantages of traditional nursing beds, and then after continuous innovation, it makes up for the shortcomings and defects of traditional paralysis nursing beds, and the whole design and use are more rationalized and humanized. The product is also very convenient to use, humanized intelligent design, all procedures can be realized by simple and easy to understand remote control, no matter what kind of person operating it can ensure safety and error-free, which can minimize the labor intensity of nursing staff, and the patient can write, eat, surf the Internet, etc. in bed. Especially the design of automatic toilet 5 seconds to open, in addition to the advantages of convenient care, in fact, more importantly, it eliminates the embarrassment of the patient to urinate and defecate by others to take care. The product also has an automatic side-turn function, and the time can be adjusted to 20 minutes or 45 minutes, which effectively prevents the occurrence of bedsores caused by long-term pressure and greatly reduces the nursing pressure on medical staff and patients' families. The electric nursing bed is an upgraded version of the traditional manual nursing bed, which successfully solves the nursing problem and opens up a new market for home nursing beds, medical nursing beds, and paralysis nursing beds, and it has become the most popular nursing bed product in the market.

The development prospect of electric nursing bed

   China is the world's largest population, but also a large country with an aging population, according to statistics, China's elderly people over 60 years of age reach 134 million, according to 2% of the use of the probability of calculation there is 2.68 million demand. China has large and medium-sized hospitals, nursing homes, homes for the elderly, as well as newly built apartments for the elderly, about 40,000, if these medical institutions for the elderly renew fifty beds per year, the annual demand for two million. Most families in China gradually formed a pagoda structure (four elderly people, two young people, and a child) with the acceleration of social life young people are busy with their careers and family care, obviously unable to cope with, when the elderly can not take care of their own life is very much in need of an electric nursing bed, to assist their daily life. So the family demand for nursing beds is increasing, it was a simple nursing bed, and then add guardrails, dining table; and then add poop holes, and wheels; until now there is a multi-functional set of electric nursing beds, greatly enhancing the level of rehabilitation care for patients, but also for the nursing staff to provide great convenience because it is simple to use, functional, so it is widely favored by consumers.

   The above is the relevant content about the electric nursing bed industry's status and future. If you are interested in an electric nursing bed, you can contact us, our website is www.jbhmedical.com. I look forward to your arrival very much and hope to cooperate with you.

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