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   Electric wheelchair, also known as power wheelchair, is a motorized mobility device designed for individuals who have difficulty walking or moving around on their own. It is powered by rechargeable batteries and you can control it with an intelligent joystick.

   Most of our electric wheelchairs are made of aluminum alloy. This is the most common material for electric wheelchairs on the market. Compared with traditional steel wheelchairs, aluminum alloy electric wheelchairs would be lighter and stronger. Aluminum alloy offers high corrosion resistance and is easy to process. If you are tending to find a cost-effective high quality lightweight electric wheelchair, the aluminum alloy would be a great choice.

   We also provide lightweight carbon fiber electric wheelchairs. Compared with aluminum alloy wheelchairs, carbon fiber wheelchairs offer a range of advantages. They are lightweight, strong, durable, comfortable, maneuverable, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to maintain.

   JBH is an electric wheelchair manufacturer in China, and we are committed to providing lightweight folding electric wheelchairs. In order to meet different users’ requirements, our electric wheelchairs have various features to enhance the user's mobility and comfort, such as a reclining backrest, adjustable footrest & seating, shock-absorption wheels, and so on...


   As an experienced electric wheelchair supplier, JBH has an independent design team and production line. Our products have many unique advantages.

   * Portable and foldable: JBH is committed to designing lightweight and portable electric wheelchairs. And all our products can be folded easily.

   * Strong durability: All electric wheelchair frames will have a heat treatment twice (T4 and T6). The heat-treated frame would be much more durable. According to our survey, most wheelchairs only have a T4 heat treatment before they leave the factory, some of them even don’t have any heat treatment.

   * Intelligent braking system: Our electric wheelchairs are all equipped with an electromagnetic brake, and the wheelchair will be stopped immediately once you release the joystick. This braking system will help you a lot when in an emergency.

   * Shock absorption: Most of our electric wheelchairs have a shock-absorbing function, and you can drive it through gravel roads, grassland, and other uneven terrains.

   * Airplane approved: All electric wheelchairs are powered by lithium batteries, which means you can take it to an airplane and have long-distance travel.

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