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The Use and Maintenance of Electric Nursing Bed

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   The electric nursing bed can be used for the timely transfer of patients and, if necessary, for resuscitation of critically ill patients, so it is very popular in hospitals and can effectively solve the physiological problems of patients, as well as reduce the burden of nursing care of escorts, etc.


Here is the content list:

  • The use of electric nursing bed

  • Maintenance of electric nursing bed

The use of electric nursing bed

   1、Electric nursing beds can help patients with the difficult problem of urinating in bed. The built-in toilet seat, mobile toilet seat cover, movable stopper at the front of the toilet, hot and cold water storage tank, cold water heating device, hot and cold water delivery device, built-in hot fan, external hot fan, cold and hot water gun, and other components make up a complete hand relief system. Semi-disabled patients (hemiplegic, paraplegic, old and weak, post-operative patients waiting for recovery) can complete a series of actions such as hand relieving, water flushing, hot water washing, and hot air drying with the help of nursing staff, or the patient can complete all procedures of hand relieving automatically by one-handed one-touch operation. In addition, the Electric nursing bed has the function of urine and stool monitoring and alarm, for the total disability and unconscious patients to relieve themselves, the nursing bed can automatically monitor and handle, completely solving the problem of bed urination and defecation of patients.

   2、Electric nursing bed can sit up and lie down. In addition to lying flat, the backboard of the bed can be raised and lowered at will within the range of 0°-80°, and the pegboard can be lowered and raised at will within the range of 0°-50°. Patients can choose the appropriate angle to get up and sit on the bed to meet the needs of eating, taking medicine, drinking, washing their feet, reading the newspaper, watching TV, and moderate limb exercise.

   3、Electric nursing beds can be turned around. The three-point curved turning design allows patients to turn left and right within the range of 0°-60° to prevent bedsores.

   4、Electric nursing bed can help to wash hair and feet. Due to long-term bed rest, muscles and blood vessels are squeezed, and the blood flow in the lower extremities of disabled and semi-disabled patients is often slower. Frequent foot washing can effectively scientifically grow the blood vessels in the lower extremities and speed up blood circulation, which is very helpful to restore health. And regular hair washing can make patients stop itching and activate blood, keep them clean, and also enable them to maintain a happy mood and enhance their confidence in fighting the disease. The specific operation process is as follows:

(1)Let the patient sit up, the special wash stand inserted in the footrest, the basin poured into the humidity of hot water, and you can wash the patient's feet every day.

(2)Remove the pillow and the mattress below the head, put on the special washbasin, the bottom of the basin lead pipe through the modeling holes on the backboard, into the sewage bucket, and open the movable hot water nozzle stuck in the bed above (nozzle hose and hot water bucket in the pump outlet The operation is very simple and convenient, and one nursing staff can finish the patient's hair washing independently.

Maintenance of electric nursing bed

   In moving, maintaining, and repairing an Electric nursing bed, the first thing is to cut off the power supply and unplug the power supply; the air pump should be moisture-proof and dust-proof; the air mattress should avoid being exposed to sunlight for a long time to slow down the aging speed of the air mattress; the cleaning of the air mattress should be done in the inflatable state, with neutral detergent, and for disinfection, please wipe it with 75% alcohol, dry it and then use it.

   The above is the relevant content about the use and maintenance of electric nursing beds. If you are interested in an electric nursing bed, you can contact us, our website is www.jbhmedical.com. I look forward to your arrival very much and hope to cooperate with you.

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