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What Should A Good Patient Lift Look Like?

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   For professional medical staff and family caregivers, moving the patients from place to place would be difficult and dangerous, if they are not strong enough , it may lead to a secondary damage. At this point, the patient lift comes into play.

patient lifts

   What Is Patient Lift?

   Patient lift is a medical instrument which can help us move the patients from place to place, it is commonly used in both the home and in medical establishment. With the development of the technology, there are various patient lifts in the market. Each of them has different functions,and suitable for different scenarios.

   How to choose a patient lift?

   Manual or Electric

   Manual patient lift relies on a hydraulic pump arm that must be manually pumped to raise the patient and help the user transfer from one physical setting to another, and they are usually much cheaper. But if using this kind of patient lift, the the caregiver must be in good physical condition.

   Electric patient lifts are powered by battery or plug into an electrical outlet. Compared with manual patient lifts, they are more expensive, but much easy to operate. For caregiver and patient, this would be a safer choice.

patient lifts

   The material

   The patient lifts on the market are made of various materials such as iron, steel, aluminum alloy and so on.  Iron and steel patient lifts are usually heavier. More and more manufacturer would like to choose aluminum alloy, they are much lighter, and very durable. For example, our JBF29002F patient lifts, the whole products are mainly made of aluminum alloy, and the net weight is 37kg.

   The load capacity

   The load capacity is an important indicator when choosing the patient lift, especially for patients with big size. The load capacity of normal patient lifts are mainly range from 400lbs to 700lbs. If you have special requirements, just have a talk with the supplier.

patient lifter

   The size

   Measure the size of your doors and the elevator in advance, make sure the patients can be moved to anywhere freely.

   Range of lift height

   Pay attention to the lift height, there should be a wide range of lifting heights. Ideally, the patient lift should be able to reach all the way down to the floor to lift someone who has fallen, and go high enough to lift patients up to the bed .

   The lifting speed

   A good patient lift should work at a steady, slow pace.If the speed is not stable or too fast, it may lead to a secondary damage for the patients.

   Other functions

   Emergency stop : When the lift is unable to use due to power failure or malfunction, press the emergency stop button immediately.  

   Adjustable base: The casters can be adjusted freely by pedal legs , suitable for all types of wheelchairs and hospital beds.

   Foldable: Can be folded into a compact size and you can put it on the trunk for outdoor use.

   When choose the patient lift, please check whether the supplier can provide complete certification. Finding a cheap patient lift is important, but your safety is much more important.

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