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Electric Nursing Bed Function Introduction

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   The electric nursing bed is used for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with inconvenient mobility,it was mainly used in hospitals at first. With the development of the economy, electric nursing bed has also entered the homes of ordinary people. Because of its complete functions and simple and convenient operation, the nursing bed has become a new choice for home care.

JBH Nursing Bed

Here is the content list:

  • Lifting function

  • Sitting and lying function

  • Hand relief function

  • Assist function

Lifting function

   1. Synchronous lifting of the head and tail of the bed:

   (1) According to the height of medical personnel and clinical needs, the height of the bed body can be adjusted arbitrarily within the range of 1-20cm space;

   (2) Increase the ground and the electric nursing bed bottom space, easy to small X-ray machine, clinical examination and treatment instrument base insert;

   (3) Easy for maintenance personnel to check and maintain the electric nursing bed;

   (4) Easy for nursing staff to handle dirt.

   2. Electric nursing beds can be tilted at will within the range of 0°-11°, which is convenient for clinical examination, treatment, and care of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients and related critical patients (such as aspiration, gastric lavage, etc.).

Sitting and lying function

   In addition to lying flat, the backboard of the electric nursing bed can be raised and lowered at will within the range of 0°-80°, and the leg board can be raised and lowered at will within the range of 0°-50°, providing patients with a suitable angle of rising and sitting in bed to meet the needs of drinking and taking medicine, eating, reading the newspaper, watching TV, washing feet, etc., which can effectively solve the physiological problems of patients. And the product is a three-point arc turning design, the patient can turn around in the range of 0°-30° to prevent bedsores.

Hand relief function

   The built-in toilet seat, mobile toilet seat cover, movable stopper at the front of the toilet, hot and cold water storage tank, cold water heating device, hot and cold water delivery device, built-in hot air blower, external hot air blower, cold and hot water gun, and other components make up a complete hand release system, which completely solves the problem of bedside urination and defecation for patients.

Assist function

   Since the patient is bedridden for a long time, the muscles and blood vessels will be squeezed, so the blood flow in the lower limbs of the disabled and semi-disabled patients is often slower. Therefore, patients can be given foot and hair washing activities (regular foot washing can speed up blood circulation, which is very helpful to restoring health; and regular hair washing can make patients stop itching and activate blood, keep clean, and also enhance their confidence in fighting with diseases), and all these physiological activities can be completed on the electric nursing bed, and the operation is simple and convenient, one caregiver can be done on the electric nursing bed.

The above is the relevant content about the electric nursing bed function introduction. If you are interested in an electric nursing bed, you can contact us, our website is www.jbhmedical.com. I look forward to your arrival very much and hope to cooperate with you.

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