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JBH Modern Intelligent Motorized Wheelchair D30

Unfolded Size970 × 580 × 880 mm (38.2"×22.8"×34.6")
MaterialAluminum alloy
Driving Speed6 km/h (3.7mph)
Driving Range≥20 km(12.4 miles)
Loading Capacity100 kgs (220.5 lb)
Net Weight 52 kgs (114.6 lb)
Seat Height530~610 mm (20.9"~24")
Seat Depth400 mm (15.7")
Motor  250W × 2 pcs brushless motor
Battery24V 10AH × 1 pc polymer lithium battery
Braking SystemElectromagnetic Brake
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Electric wheelchair

   Who would say “NO” to a cute modern motorized wheelchair? As the new generation electric wheelchair, the JBH D30 has a much more attractive appearance. The wheelchair can be controlled through wireless device. Very convenient for people who can’t walk independently.

JBH Wheelchair D30


   Motorized Wheelchair D30

   Stylish Design

   Minimalist styling, with a round and gentle design, creates a sense of future and high-end.

motorized wheelchair

   Easy to Operate

   No driving experience required even the elderly can handle it in a minute.


electric wheelchair D30

automatic electric wheelchair

   Automotive Technology

   Designed and manufactured according to automotive standards. With 42 independently developed patents. The whole vehicle is composed of 207 components.Making it several times better than traditional wheelchairs.


   15-second quick detach design. Portable and easy to store.

   Outstanding performance

   Powerful performance,easily coping with common road conditions. Satisfying daily travel and tourism needs.

electric wheelchairs

electric wheelchairs D30

  Free connection

   Unrestricted access to subways buses,high-speed trains.and planes.

motorized wheelchair JBH D30



JBH electric wheelchair factory

JBH wheelchair factory

Unfold Size
970 × 580 × 880 mm (38.2"×22.8"×34.6")
Driving Speed   
6 km/h (3.7mph)
Driving Range
≥20 km(12.4 miles)
Loading Capacity
100 kgs (220.5 lb)
Net Weight
52 kgs (114.6 lb)
Armrest Spacing
450 mm (17.7")
Seat Height
530~610 mm (20.9"~24")
Seat Depth
400 mm (15.7")
250W × 2 pcs brushless motor
24V 10AH × 1 pc polymer lithium battery
Braking System
Electromagnetic Brake
Front Wheel
254×60 mm (10"×2.4") universal wheels
Rear Wheel
265×55 mm (10.4"×2.2") PU solid wheels
Safe Gradient   
Max 10°
Turning Radius
760 mm (29.9")
Charging Time
2.5 hours
Drive Model
Rear Drive
Default Color

   The purchaser of this product is entitled to a limited warranty as offered by our company, and its affiliates on the following components and timeframes:

   ※ Chair frame: 3 years 

   ※ Motors: 1 year 

   ※ Controller and CPU system: 1 year

   ※ Battery: 6 months 

   ※ Wear parts: 3 months

    Includes tires, seat and backrest, armrests, and support straps.


   This warranty is valid from the date of ex-factory and valid for the replacement of dysfunctional parts only. Any parts under warranty will be replaced and shipped to your door. 

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