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What Do You Need to Pay Attention to When Driving an Elderly Mobility Scooters?

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   Elderly mobility scooter, a transport which designed to help elders to have an easier travel. When purchase an mobility scooter, what would be the leading factor? I think nothing can be more important than the safety. Today, we will list some tips for elders who are using the mobility scooter now.


   Step 1: Make sure that you have the ability to drive the mobility scooter

   Not all elders have the ability to drive the mobility scooter. If you want to buy a mobility scooter for elders , please make sure that they are able to drive it. Only when the elder has a clear brain and can control the mobility scooter accurately by themself, they are suitable to drive it. As we said before, safety is the priority consideration.

   Step 2 : Find the suitable elderly mobility scooter

   A suitable elderly mobility scooter is also important for safe driving. Pay attention to the size, the seat width, the max capacity, the turning radius...You will get the parameters when purchasing a mobility scooter, and try to find the most suitable one according to them. As for how to check these parameters, you can refer to this article

 How to Choose a Suitable Wheelchair According To the Parameters?

   Step 3: Keep the correct driving behaviors

   When get the mobility scooter, try to practice using it in open spaces. Keep your center of gravity right in the middle of your seat. It can avoid tipping over effectively while driving. When the scooter is engaged, keep it in a safe speed. Of course, the max speed of a qualified mobility scooter should under 10 km/h.

   More importantly, follow the traffic rules strictly. Pay attention to other cars and passengers when driving on the road.

   Step 4: Having a routine maintenance for the mobility scooter

   For elderly mobility scooter, wear and tear of components are inevitably. Check all parts of the mobility scooter frequently, especially the braking system and the tire. Trust me , this is the basic thing you should do when using the mobility scooter.

   Elderly mobility scooters use precautions

   1. Check the water level of the mobility scooter for the elder.

   2. Before charging the exhaust port cap cover the cap tightly.

   3. Do not overcharge. Overcharging will lead to a lot of gas (water consumption), battery heating, and aging.

   4. Do not undercharge. Under-charging will lead to battery dulling.

   5. Do not charge frozen solidified mobility scooters for the elder batteries.

   6. Avoid charging the mobility scooter for the elder at a temperature above 49℃.

   7. The battery should be charged after daily use no matter how many kilometers it is driven.

   8. Confirm that the charger is faultless (voltage setting is correct).

   9. Every three months to six months for a balanced charge, each time 1-2 hours.

   JBH mobility scooters are made of aluminum alloy or carbon fiber, they are in good quality and has many advantages such as lightweight, portable, foldable, durable and so on...Welcome to contact us if you have questions.

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