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How to Choose a Suitable Wheelchair According To the Parameters?

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   With services being strengthened and improved, more and more people would like to purchase the wheelchair online. But different from shopping on the entity shop, you can’t have a “test drive”. So, it is necessary to know the meanings of the parameters if you want to buy a wheelchair online. We will pick some important indicators to help you select a suitable wheelchair.

How to Choose Wheelchair

   The width of the wheelchair

   Measure the width of the door of your house first, and make sure the wheelchair can enter the door easily.

   Seat height & Seat Width

   The seat height & seat width will influence the comfort of a wheelchair. Make sure you have left enough elbow room the users. For the seat width, the distance between dam-board and your hip should be 30-50mm.

   Distance between the armrests

   Find a chair(with armrests) the users most like, and measure the distance between the armrests. It will help the users put their arms on the most comfortable place.

   The height between seat to pedal

   If the distance between seat and pedal is too short, you can't stretching your leg freely, and will feel tired soon. If the distance is long, you will also feel tired and even can’t get off the wheelchair easily.

   Max capacity

   Pay attention to the capacity. For different wheelchairs, their max capacity are different. The capacity of most wheelchairs are 120KG, while some can up to 180KG. If you are over-weight, please have a check with the seller first.


   Now the popular material of electric wheelchair on the market is aluminum alloy-lightweight, durable, and high cost-effective. If you want to lighter one, carbon fiber wheelchair is also a good choice(But the price is higher.)

   Driving range

   For electric wheelchair, driving range is an important indicator. The driving range is depended on the battery, the larger the battery (or the more the battery), the longer driving range.

   Rotation radius

   Wheelchair can making a 360-degree turn. Short turning radius means the wheelchair is more flexible, and can have a better performance in narrow place.


   When using wheelchair, the most horrible things is falling down when up or down the slope. At this time, pay attention to the safe gradient of the wheelchair you want buy.

   Braking system

   This is the most important part of an electric wheelchair. More and more electric wheelchairs have intelligent electromagnetic brake system, accurate braking while joystick released.

Electric Wheelchair D06

   The most suitable wheelchair is the best one for you. Know the meanings of important parameters and you can easily find the one you want. JBH is a professional research & development wheelchair company, and we have various wheelchairs to meet different users' requirements. Welcome to contact us for more information.

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