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How to Use the Electric Wheelchair Appropriately ?

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   Electric wheelchair is a great invent for disabled people and elderly. With the lightweight electric wheelchair, they can easily go out and enjoy the beautiful world. For wheelchair users, learn to use the electric wheelchair appropriately is important. Then, what should they do ? You can follow our tips.

Electric Wheelchair D09


  •    Preparatory work before driving the wheelchair.  

  •    What you should know when driving the wheelchair?

  •    The daily maintenance of electric wheelchair.

   Preparatory work before driving the wheelchair

   1. Read the user manual carefully

   There is no doubt that the user manual is the best tool which can help you know your electric wheelchair better. The functions of your electric wheelchair, how to fold & unfold the wheelchair, how to drive the wheelchair, the common wheelchair problems and solutions...You will know all details through the user manual.

   2. Adjust the wheelchair to the most comfortable position.

   If you buy an adjustable wheelchair, remember to adjust all parts to it’s most comfortable position. The common adjustable parts include the seat width, backrest angle, headrest, footrest, armrest and so on...

   3. Always fasten your seat belt

   Don’t ignore any details when driving the electric wheelchair. Always fasten your seat belt tto ensure your personal safety against accidents and serious injury.    

   4. Check the conditions of the wheelchair before driving

   Every time before you using your electric wheelchair, especially when going out, remember to have a check of the wheelchair. Make sure that the tires are properly inflated and the batteries are fully charged.

   What you should know when driving the wheelchair?

   1. Don’t driving the electric wheelchair on the dangerous conditions

   Usually we don’t suggest you using your electric wheelchair on following conditions:

   * Using the wheelchair outside on the rainy day;

   * Driving the electric wheelchair on the muddy road;

   * Driving the electric wheelchair on the sand ;

   * Avoid driving on the congested roads.

   2. Control the speed

   Safety is always the priority issue you should concern when driving the power wheelchair. When passing through the special terrain, remember to keep driving at a low speed.

   3. Please keep in touch when driving an electric wheelchair alone

   If you have to go out alone, remember to bring your mobile phone. You may meet various accidents like run out of battery. Make sure you can contact your friends or family in time.

   The daily maintenance

   1. The maintenance of battery

   For electric wheelchair , the common battery is lithium battery. As for how to maintain the lithium battery, please check here.

   -----------《Great Tips to Help You Protect Your Lithium Battery Effectively ?》

  2.  The maintenance of tires

   Tires should always be kept inflated at the pressure level stamped on the tire. Under inflating or over inflating your tires can cause serious wobbling of your wheelchair. And it will also cause damage of the tire.

   3. Keep your wheelchair clean

   It is very important to keep your wheelchair clean. The unattended dirt between tiny crevices will cause the mechanisms of your wheelchair to wear out quicker than normal. Try to clean the exposed areas and keep them clean and dry can protect your wheelchair well.

   JBH is devoted to provide high quality electric wheelchair, and we are glad to share our experiences with you for choosing and maintaining electric wheelchair .

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