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Great Tips to Help You Protect Your Lithium Battery Effectively ?

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   Lithium battery is commonly used in various products like mobile phone. laptop, battery electric wheelchair and so on. How to maintain the lithium battery is always an important task for these mobile devices’ users. As a lithium battery powered wheelchair manufacturer, we have some tips for you.

   The Main Contents

  •    Tips for first charging

  •    Tips for daily charging

  •    How to store the lithium battery

  •    Other tips

   Tips for first charging

  •    You can use the new mobile devices directly when you bring it home, it is not necessary to fully charge the lithium battery.

  •    Before first charging, discharge the battery to approximately 20% of capacity.

  • Don’t overcharge the battery first time, stop charging as soon as possible once it comes to 100% of capacity.

   Tips for daily charging

  •    You’d better use the original charger. The mismatched current and voltage during charging can cause damage to the circuit system, reduced capacity of battery and shorten it’s life.

  •    Don’t overcharge or over-discharge. It is not sensible to charge the mobile devices for a long time, and don’t charge until run out the capacity.

  •    Pay attention to the charging environment.Charging on the humid environment may lead to  short-circuit. And you should also avoid high temperature when charging, it will easily cause self-burnt.

   How to store the lithium battery?

  •    The best temperature to store the lithium battery is between 5℃ and 20℃ .

  •    Charge or discharge the battery to approximately 50% of capacity before storage.

  •    If you don’t use the lithium battery frequently, please fully charged the the battery once every 3 months.

  •    Remove the battery and store it separately if you don’t use the devices frequently.

   Other useful tips.

  •    Pay attention to the order of charging and discharging: For charging, you should connect the battery to the charger first, and then connect the charger to the power source. For discharging,  unplug the power cord first, then disconnect the battery from the charging cable.

  •    Don’t try to use the damaged lithium battery.

  •    Keep the battery away from children.

  •    Don’t put the battery in fire or water.

  •    Don’t shake or vibrate the lithium battery.

   One thing we should remind you is that the lithium battery has a limited life and will gradually lose their capacity to hold a charge, and this process is irreversible. The typical estimated life of lithium battery is about 2 to 3 years. To ensure safety, you should let professional technicians check the battery working condition each year. And replace the old battery in time.

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