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You Really Know The Electric Wheelchair Well?

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    With the development of society, the issue of helping the elderly and the disabled has increasingly become a major social issue. The advent and development of service robots have effectively improved the quality of life of the elderly and the disabled. An electric wheelchair is a kind of service robot that has solved the travel problem of such special groups.

   Here is the content list:

  •    Basic requirements for using an electric wheelchair

  •    Basic driving skills with an electric wheelchair

  •    Matters needing attention when buying an electric wheelchair

   Basic requirements for using an electric wheelchair

   1. The user must have the physique, intelligence, and adaptability to safely operate an electric wheelchair, electric scooter, and other transportation products. People with visual or intellectual disabilities are advised to purchase a self-driving power wheelchair or electric scooter with caution.

   2. When purchasing, it is recommended to choose according to the physical condition of the user. Do not choose blindly. Whether it is an electric wheelchair, or an electric scooter, it is important to adapt, and only the one that adapts is good.

   3. When choosing a functional electric wheelchair, it is recommended to accurately grasp the user's physical function defects and make a compensatory choice. Remember to blindly pursue new functions and new tricks.

   4. Try to do activities within a familiar environment, do not drive your wheelchair to unfamiliar and remote places alone.

   Basic driving skills with an electric wheelchair

   1. Proficient in operation and mastering the performance and functional characteristics of the power wheelchair;

   2. Obey the traffic rules; it is neither safe nor ethical to run a red light in the wrong direction at will;

   3. Do not drive the wheelchair in the fast lane to prevent traffic accidents;

   4. The off-road performance of an electric wheelchair and electric scooter cannot be compared with that of a car. Therefore, it is recommended to detour if you encounter steps or large ridges during driving.

   Matters needing attention when buying an electric wheelchair

   1. We must believe that quality determines value, and value determines the logic of price; the price of wheelchairs is also worth every penny, especially electric wheelchairs, where the ultra-low price is exchanged for the safety of the user. So don’t be greedy for cheap prices. All products are equally good, but not cheap, and it is impossible to have good products for cheap!

   2. You must know that the good-quality wheelchairs are good in all aspects except the price is not good, and the inferior products are not good except for the price. Many people think that the quality is almost acceptable as long as the after-sales service is good. This is not the case. Fake and inferior products have many problems and faults that cannot be repaired because the material and design are flawed and inherently inadequate.

   3. It is recommended to keep the seller's contact information, after-sales service card, and shopping invoice when buying an electric wheelchair online. To facilitate contact with after-sales maintenance if there is a problem in the future. But the reality is that many people buy online for cheap, but they can't contact the seller if something goes wrong. Go offline to find someone to repair, and the money you save may not be enough for a repair.

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