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Why You Should Choose a Carbon Fiber Wheelchair?

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   Carbon fiber wheelchair becomes more and more popular in recent years, and we also received many inquiry of our carbon fiber products. What are the advantages of carbon fiber wheelchairs? Why so many people like it ?

Carbon Fiber Wheelchairs

   The most important feature of carbon fiber wheelchair is “lightweight”. For the same space, the weight of carbon fiber is one-third of the weight of aluminum alloy. It means that a carbon fiber wheelchair is portable and people can easy to move.

   The second advantage of carbon fiber wheelchair is “high strength”. For people who can’t live independently without wheelchair, the security issue is very important. The wheelchair should be high-strength enough. For carbon fiber material, it’s strength is 3 times of aluminum alloy, and it is really a good choice for wheelchairs.

   Another advantage of carbon fiber wheelchair is “durability”. Carbon fiber wheelchair is much durable than your imagination. As we all know, the wear of wheelchair parts is an inevitable process. Use wear-resistant material can ease this problem effectively.

   The only disadvantage of carbon fiber wheelchair is the price. Since the carbon fiber is a special material with high price, and the wheelchair are nearly all hand-made, so the carbon fiber wheelchair is a little expensive. But with the advancement of technology, we believe that the carbon fiber wheelchair will be cheaper in the near future.

   JBH is a professional supplier of electric wheelchair, and we have our own R&D department and factory, our carbon fiber wheelchair and carbon fiber mobility scooter has been sold all over the world. We are looking forward to have a cooperation with you.

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