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Why We Choose a Sports Wheelchairs?

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Although the vast majority of disabled people prefer to choose a sports wheelchair with a sense of movement, it should be noted that using a sports wheelchair for the first time requires a familiar process. In addition, sports wheelchairs also require operating skills, and more practice is required to master the performance of the wheelchair. Many of the maneuvering techniques of a sports wheelchair, such as wheel tilt, are dangerous. Therefore, the use of sports wheelchairs should be practiced under the guidance of professionals, to avoid secondary injury to the human body. Next, let us understand the characteristics of sports wheelchairs. Here are some answers.

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   Here is the content list:

  •    It's lightweight.

  •    Its function is simple.

  •    Its design is unique and refined.

   It's lightweight.

   Sports wheelchairs are designed to minimize the weight to save effort during sliding. Of course, it mainly depends on the material of the wheelchair. The weight of a general sports wheelchair ranges from a few kilograms to more than ten kilograms. The lighter the sports wheelchair, the more effortless it is to slide, and the more expensive the price will be.

   Its function is simple.

   Effort-saving and fast gliding are the reasons why people choose sports wheelchairs. Therefore, the sports wheelchair does not have any other redundant functions, including the guard plates and armrests, which are mostly removed for the convenience of sliding. For the convenience of sliding and flexible steering, the wheelbase of the sports wheelchair will be shorter and the guide wheel will be smaller. The driving wheel of the sports wheelchair generally adopts the middle wheel, and it is not conducive to moving forward if it is too large or too small. To facilitate the carrying and disassembly of disabled persons when going out, most sports wheelchairs can be quickly disassembled and assembled.

   Its design is unique and refined.

   The aluminum profiles used in the sports wheelchair enhance the firmness of the overall frame. And the handle of the sports wheelchair is detachable, and the armrest can be turned sideways. At the same time, it also has a 24-inch quick-release fine wheel and a 4-inch universal wheel that can rotate flexibly and can be rotated 360 degrees on the spot. The pedals of the sports wheelchair are bent and welded from aluminum profiles, which can protect the legs and feet from being bruised during driving. The large space under the seat cushion can accommodate special shopping bags.

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