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Why Electric Wheelchair is Not As Popular As Manual Wheelchair ?

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   Wheelchair is the main transport of elderly & disabled people. Though electric wheelchair becomes more and more popular, clients would like to choose a manual wheelchair in most cases. It is obvious that electric wheelchair is a more convenient transport, why many people don’t choose it ? There are various reasons.

power wheelchair

   High price

   The price of the electric wheelchair with multi-functions is generally around $2000 to $4000, and some can up to $5000 to $10000. Such a high price is difficult for ordinary people to accept, and "high price" is the main factor that people are unwilling to buy. Why the price of electric wheelchair is so high ? The main reason is the high cost.

   Compared with manual wheelchair, electric wheelchair has many necessary expensive parts like motor, lithium battery, braking system..More functions a wheelchair has, the higher the costs. And as a hidden cost of electric wheelchair, the research and development expense is really high. Some manufacturer may choose the cheap motors,batteries and other parts to reduce the costs. But you will get what you pay for, you know this, right ?

   The market of electric wheelchair is small

   As we said before, manual wheelchair is much popular than electric wheelchair. Since manual wheelchair has a bigger share of the market and the technical content is not high in producing, so many wheelchair manufacturing enterprises prefer to provide manual wheelchair, instead of electric wheelchair. In order to fully expand the market of electric wheelchair, companies must improve their production technology and focus on smart wheelchairs.

   The maintenance cost

   The power wheelchair has more parts, and it may stop working because of the dead battery, faulty wire or broken circuit board. If you choose a wheelchair with complicated system, it is more difficult for maintaining. As for the manual wheelchair, it simply has a seat, back, handles, arms, leg rests and wheels. In contrast, an individual or his/her insurance company pays a lot more upfront for an electric chair, plus maintenance and possible repair costs, than for a manual wheelchair that requires far less upkeep.

   Though electric wheelchair is not as popular as manual wheelchair now, but it has many unique advantages. And we believe that the price of the power wheelchair will be reduced in the long term.

   As a professional electric wheelchair manufacturer, JBH is always keep trying to develop high quality products. Our products have successively passed TUV ISO9001, TUV ISO13485, ISO14001, ISO18000 certification, EU CE certification and SGS etc.We are looking forward to have a further cooperation with you.

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