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Why Carbon Fiber Wheelchair Is So Expensive?

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   Carbon fiber is the materials which common used in aerospace, civil engineering, military, motor sports, and other competition sports. Many clients don't understand why the carbon fiber wheelchair is so expensive. If you know how we produce it, you will understand. 

Carbon Fiber Wheelchair

   Different from traditional wheelchair materials, carbon fiber materials look like a piece of paper. We cut it into different shapes according to the whole design.Then it comes to the most complicated part: the workers need to assemble all parts by hand.

  As you can see, all carbon fiber parts of the wheelchair are totally made by hand. Each part has a special mould and workers will stick the cutting carbon fiber together layer by layer (The thickness of some parts are up to 14 layers). 

Carbon Fiber Material

Carbon Fiber Wheelchairs

   The next step is to having a pretreatment of all parts through heating and pressing and send them to the grinding area to make the surface becomes smooth.


   Then what we should do is gluning. This step is similar to the weld, but more complicated. We have reserved the holes when assemble the parts, workers coating the holes with the special adhesive and make different parts combined together. 

Wheelchair Workshop

   All glued-on parts will send to the heat treatment area, it will makes the joint becomes more firmly.

   After gluning, the next step is spray paint . For carbon fiber wheelchair, we have matte black and glossy black 2 option,

Carbon Fiber Wheelchair Parts

  Finally, send all finished parts to the assemble area, and combine all of them together. A totally  new carbon fiber wheelchair is ready.

   Carbon fiber is an expensive material which can improve the wheelchair’s performance, while reduce it’s weight at the same time. And it is almost handmade. Now , do you know why it is expensive? 

    If you are searching for high-end wheelchair. JBH has many options for you. Welcome to contact JBH for more ideas . 

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