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Who Can Use Manual Wheelchair & How It Works ?

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   As an essential mean of transport , wheelchair plays an important role in the life of elderly and disabled people. Some people perfer to have an electric wheelchair, while other prefer to have a manual wheelchair. Today, we will have a detailed introduction of manual wheelchair . And wish you can know it better. 

S002 Sport Wheelchair

   The following is a list of contents:

  •     Who is a manual wheelchair suitable for?

  •     Classification of manual wheelchairs

  •     Features and functions of manual wheelchair

   Who is a manual wheelchair suitable for?

   As a relatively convenient means of transportation at present, a manual wheelchair is particularly useful for many physically disabled and elderly people, such as those with reduced mobility and loss of mobility (paraplegia, hemiplegia, amputation, fracture, paralysis of the lower limbs, severe lower limb arthritis and other limb functions disabled); physical failure caused by severe diseases (dementia, cerebrovascular disease, severe Parkinson's disease and other central nervous diseases who are at risk of independent movement); elderly, frail and other people who have difficulty moving.

   Classification of Manual wheelchairs

   The manual wheelchair is divided into self-propelled and other-propelled wheelchairs according to the operator. Among them, the self-propelled wheelchair is promoted by the user, which is characterized by a driving hand ring and a larger rear wheel; the wheelchair pushed by others is promoted by the caregiver, which is characterized by a push handle, no driving hand ring, and a larger diameter of the rear wheel. 


  The manual wheelchair can also be divided into front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, single-side drive, and swing bar-driven wheelchairs according to the different driving methods. The most common and most used is the rear-wheel-drive wheelchair. Commonly used rear-wheel drive wheelchairs include ordinary wheelchairs, functional wheelchairs, high back wheelchairs, and sports wheelchairs.

   Features and functions of manual wheelchair

   Manual wheelchairsfunction well as dependent mobility systems. They are built for the caregiver to propel and for stability to protect the user. The large rear wheels can make curbs and other obstacles easier to manage. Most of the low-cost standard manual wheelchairs have a fixed, rear axle position. This vertical orientation of the seat requires the user to maintain sitting balance. Some of the moderately priced wheelchairs have semiadjustable rear axles allowing for vertical movement. The operator can use this vertical adjustment to change the orientation of the wheelchair seat in space and allow gravity to assist in positioning and balance, giving the person increased stability. This option can allow individuals with poor sitting balance a more compact and more transportable alternative to the bulky manual reclining and tilt-in-space mobility systems.


   JBH manual sport wheelchairs have been sold all over the world. Welcome yo contact us if you are interested in our products. 

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