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When Your Electric Wheelchair Needs To Be Replaced ?

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   Even the best electric wheelchair, the service life is limited. Keep the wheelchair in good condition is your biggest key to live independently. Then,when your wheelchairs needs to be replaced? Just check from the following aspects.

Elderly Electric Wheelchair

   1. The cost of maintenance is very high

   If you found that several parts of your wheelchair need to be replaced, and the cost is vert high. You can consider to buy a new one. At least you don’t need to pay extra fees for maintenance in the next several years.

   2. The wheelchair has reached the end of its lifespan

   The lifespan of the electric wheelchair is limited. And for most wheelchairs, the service life is nearly 4 to 5 years. If your wheelchair has reached the end of its lifespan and always brake down, you do need to buy a new motorized wheelchair.

   3. You need some updated functions

   More and more new functions of electric wheelchair has been appeared. For example, adjustable backrest, electromagnetic brake, automatic folding...If you think your wheelchair is out of style,of course you can buy a new one.

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