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What You Should Know Before Getting an Electric Wheelchair ?

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   Electric wheelchairbecomes more and more popular, and so many people pretend to have such a kind of wheelchair for themselves or families. But do you know how to choose an electric wheelchair ? How to use it appropriately? Here are the answers.

Electric Wheelchair

   Instructions for use

   1. Before getting into a wheelchair, please check carefully

   When the power of the electric wheelchair is turned off. Then at this time, the clutches on the two motors are in an engaged state, that is, an electric state. Then the pedals are turned up, and when sitting in the wheelchair, the pedals are put down.

   2. What you need to know after sitting on the electric wheelchair

   Patients just wear their seat belts. Turn on the electric power supply, and the indicator light of the wheelchair will light up; everyone just presses the speed reduction button to adjust the speed to the lowest, and then adjust the speed according to the needs later if the operation is proficient. The joystick of the electric wheelchair can control the direction and speed at the same time, then slowly push the joystick in the direction of travel, the electromagnetic brake will make a "click" and release it. The push of the large joystick can accelerate, and vice versa.

   3. Driving of electric wheelchair

   If you want to stop the electric wheelchair while driving, as long as you let go of the hand and reset the joystick, you can stop it smoothly. Generally, when moving forward, if the joystick is suddenly pulled back at this time, the wheelchair will stop quickly (the braking distance will be reduced), and the speed limit button of the brake can adjust the maximum speed limit of the wheelchair. Users can choose the speed of the wheelchair according to their physical condition and road surface.


   4. Battery and charging of electric wheelchair

   Before using the electric wheelchair, you should check the battery power first. If the power is insufficient, it should be charged in time at this time. If the battery is completely discharged, the service life of the battery will be shortened. It is also to ensure the normal service life of the battery. It should be charged in time after use. When the power is turned on, the battery indicator will light up to show the approximate remaining battery power.


   1. Pay attention to safety. When entering or exiting or encountering obstacles, do not use the power wheelchair to hit the door or obstacles (especially most of the elderly have osteoporosis and are easily injured).

   2. When pushing the wheelchair, instruct the patient to hold the armrest of the electric wheelchair, sit back as far as possible, do not lean forward or get off by yourself to avoid falling, and add restraint belts if necessary.

   3. Because the front wheel of the electric wheelchair is small if it encounters small obstacles (such as small stones, small ditch, etc.) during fast driving, it is easy to cause the wheelchair to stop suddenly and cause the wheelchair or the patient to tip over and hurt the patient. Push the wheelchair. The rider must be careful, and pull back if necessary (because the rear wheel is larger, the ability to cross obstacles is stronger).

   4. When pushing the electric wheelchair downhill, the speed should be slow. The patient's head and back should be leaned back and the armrest should be grasped to avoid accidents.

   5. Observe the condition at any time: if the patient has lower extremity edema, ulcer or joint pain, etc., he can lift the foot pedal and cushion it with a soft pillow.

   6. When the weather is cold, pay attention to keeping warm. Put the blanket directly on the wheelchair, wrap the blanket around the patient's neck and fix it with pins. At the same time, it surrounds both arms, and the pins are fixed at the wrist. Wrap your lower extremities and feet with a blanket behind your shoes.

   7. The electric wheelchair should be checked frequently, and lubricating oil should be added regularly to keep it in good condition.

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