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What You Should Know about the Motor of Electric Wheelchair?

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   The electric wheelchair works through it’s motors , which are powered by the batteries. There is no doubt that the motor is the most important part of the motorized wheelchair. As an electric wheelchair user, how many you know about the electric wheelchair motor ? Now, we will show you something you should know.

Electric Wheelchair


  •    The types of electric wheelchair motors

  •    How to maintain the electric wheelchair motors?

  •    When you should replace the old motors?

   The types of electric wheelchair motors

   There are mainly 2 kinds of motors for electric wheelchair in the market: the brushed motor & brushless motor. Then what’s the differences them?

   The biggest difference is that the brushed motors are mechanically driven and brushless are electronically driven.

   For brushed motor, the biggest advantage of brushed motor is that the wheelchair can start or stop without the inertia.But it also has many disadvantages like less efficiency, easy to heat, shorter life span and requires more maintenance.

   For brushless motor, it requires less maintenance, has lower noise and has a longer life span. It also has disadvantages: more complex, more expensive and requires electronic controller.

   As for how to choose it, it all depends on your requirements.

   How to maintain your electric wheelchair motor?

   In order to make your motor has a longer life span, learn to maintain it appropriately is necessary. Here are some tips for you.

   1. Having a visual inspection everyday

   Check the motors everyday and see whether there are the signs of corrosion and dirt buildup on individual components.

   2. Check the motor’s lubrication

   The lubrication will helps the motors work smoothly. Lubricating the motor too early or too late can result in premature wear and tear.

   3. Checking the bearings regularly

   The motor’s bearings are the most prone part to wear and there are so many problems will lead to noise and vibration, like poor lubrication, dirt buildup, and wear and tear.

   4. Reduce vibrations

   For motors, the vibrations is inevitable, but it will shorten the life span of the motor. If you find that your motors have this problem, turn off the power and find the source of the vibration. The source is usually a mechanical issue and you can remove the belts or disconnect the load and then operating the motor. If If this method doesn't work, you should searching help from the professional maintainer.

   5. Reduce or eliminate the noises

   If you find that your wheelchair will make noises when work ,remember to check the following aspects.

   The motor : When getting a new motorized wheelchair, remember to listen to the motor and become familiar with the healthy sound of your wheelchair when it is new. So you can find the abnormal sound immediately.  

   The frame: Pay attention to the joint parts of the electric wheelchair frame, the loose  screw may lead to the abnormal sound.

   The bearing : If the bearings of the wheelchair are worn heavily, the wheelchair will also make the noises.

   The belts or gears :The out of line belts or gears will also lead to the noises.

   If you find the noise sources and don’t know how to solve the problems, remember to find the professional wheelchair maintainers.

   When you should replace the old motors?

   As we all know that the life span of the motor is limited, then when you need replace the old motors?

   1. The power wheelchair can’t work normally because of the motors

   2. The strange burning smell

   3. Unusual or loud sounds coming from the motor

   If you find the motors have these issues, you’d better replace them with the new ones. Or you can consult the maintainer for a more professional suggestions.

   Generally speaking, the electric wheelchair motors are not easy to broken if you keep maintain it regularly. But once there is something wrong with them, you should solve the problems as soon as possible.

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