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What You Should Know about Carbon Fiber Wheelchair

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    A carbon fiber wheelchair, through the one-handed operation of the intelligent control system, uses the operating lever, the front, back, left, and right swing to complete the corresponding position adjustment. So, do you understand the basics of carbon fiber electric wheelchairs? Let's take a look!

JBH Carbon Fiber Electric Wheelchair

   Here is the content list:

  •    The functional characteristics of carbon fiber electric wheelchair

  •    Scope of application of carbon fiber wheelchair

  •    Carbon fiber wheelchair selection principles

  •    Carbon fiber wheelchair precautions

   The functional characteristics of carbon fiber electric wheelchair

   (1) Electric drive is the core of the driving ability of carbon fiber electric wheelchair . The wheelchair controls the speed gears according to the electric drive capability, and their acceleration is significantly higher than that of ordinary wheelchairs.

   (2) The load-bearing capacity of a carbon fiber wheelchair is generally 100~160 kg, which is better than ordinary wheelchairs.

   (3) Intelligent controller is the core of carbon fiber electric wheelchair sensitivity. It can adjust the front, back, left, and right movement of the wheelchair; Automatic wheelchair rotation radius, climbing driving speed, wheelchair speed adjustment, etc. These are all unattainable by ordinary wheelchairs.

   Scope of application of carbon fiber Wheelchair 

   It is suitable for the elderly with lower limb dysfunction or missing, hemiplegia, paraplegia, triple limb paralysis, quadriplegia, and physical weakness, but requires the user to have good eyesight, hearing, intelligence, and mental status, and to be able to operate the controller.

   Carbon fiber Wheelchair selection principles

   1. Carbon fiber electric wheelchair speed: the selection should take into account the physical endurance and response sensitivity of the elderly.

   2. Carbon fiber electric wheelchair wheelchair's ability to cross barriers

   3. Carbon fiber wheelchair's use environment: understand the user's living environment to ensure that it has sufficient steering space.

   4. Choosing a carbon fiber electric wheelchair , consider its range capability.

   5. Whether the stability and braking of the electric wheelchairs are good.

   Carbon fiber wheelchair precautions

   (1) The user is required to have good eyesight, hearing, intelligence, and mental status.

   (2) Road operation training should be carried out before use, and only after familiarizing yourself with the operation can you get on the road.

   (3) Before getting on and off the wheelchair, you must check whether the controller is turned off to prevent the vehicle from moving.

   (4) The speed must be properly controlled when going up and down slopes and turning to ensure safety.

   (5) Charging should strictly follow the instruction manual to avoid danger.

   (6) Regular charging, to avoid power loss storage, to ensure the normal range of electric wheelchair.

   (7) Regularly check each part to avoid loosening.

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