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What We Should Check When Purchase a Manual Wheelchair?

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   There are various manual wheelchairs in market.If you want to buy a manual wheelchair , what should you know? In other words, what you should pay attention to? Here are some tips for you.

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   Strength of Manual wheelchair

   For a qualified manual wheelchair, the backrest, hand ring, caster, footrest, front frame, and other parts should be high strength, all of them can pass a strong impact strength test. As a daily used transport, the wheelchair will wear off fast without high strength.

   How to check the strength of the manual wheelchair? First, check the material of the frame. Carbon fiber is an extremely suitable material for wheelchair with high strength, the only disadvantage is the high price. Other materials like aluminum alloy and titanium alloy are also good.

   Then check the max load of the wheelchair. Run under heavy load for a long time will influence the service of the wheelchair.

   Manual wheelchair wheel landing

   The wheel landing performance requires that when the manual wheelchair lifts one of the wheels by 20 mm, the other three wheels must land smoothly. Otherwise, when the manual wheelchair is used on an uneven road, it may cause operational difficulties and hidden dangers caused by the wheels not touching the ground. The factor that affects the grounding of the wheel is the structure of the wheelchair vehicle, and the failure is usually the reason for the assembly. The support frame of the manual wheelchair is formed by the cross of two support bars installed under the seat. If the crossbar is too loosely connected, the manual wheelchair structure will be loose, and the strength may not meet the requirements; It will cause the wheelchair structure to be too rigid, and it may not meet the requirements of the wheel landing. To solve the problem of wheel landing without reducing the overall strength of the manual wheelchair, We believe that the most important thing in the research and development process is to control the assembly of the crossbar.

   Manual wheelchair handle gloves

   The manual wheelchair needs to be tested on the handle gloves, and it is required that the handle gloves will not slip or fall off under a certain level of tension. This is to prevent the person who needs to push or pull the wheelchair and causing danger because the gloves are loosened. Generally, manufacturers use the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction to match the gloves. The gloves are put into the handle tube under the heating state, and they will shrink after cooling to be fixed on the handle tube. But grips so assembled are not secure, especially if the grips will almost certainly come loose after the first slip. Therefore,many wheelchair manufacturerswill add a fixing screw to the handle during research and development to ensure that it will not come loose.

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