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What Should You Know When Purchasing a New Wheelchair?

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   If you are a wheelchair user, you will know that the service life of a wheelchair is limited, and there are various new wheelchairs on the market every year. If your old wheelchair should be replaced and you don’t know how to choose a new one, you can ask yourself some questions and then you will get the answer.

   Only when you used the wheelchair for a long time, you will know all features of it. Before purchasing a new wheelchair, ask yourself some questions about the old one.

  •    Does my chair match my individual shape and size? If not, you need choose a wheelchair in a more suitable size.

  •    Do I feel uncomfortable if sit for long periods of time? What make me fell uncomfortable? The backrest, the wheelchair seat cushion or anything else...

  •    Can i drive it independently and easily ? For example, if you use a power wheelchair, is it easily to operate? Is it portable ? Is it lightweight

  •    Is it easy to push by others? Sometimes you may need other people’s help.

  •    Is it convenient to bring it out for a travel? In other words, is it portable and foldable?

  •    Does the max driving distance match your requirement?

  •    Is this wheelchair durable? Do i need to maintain it frequently?

   Actually speaking, an experienced user would be easier to choose the wheelchair, they know what kind of wheelchair is more suitable for them. But as we said before, there are various new wheelchairs has been developed on the market, some additional functions you may need should also be taken into consideration.

  •    Do i need an adjustable wheelchair? For example, the adjustable height wheelchair, the reclining wheelchair and so on.

  •    The safety. For example, the electromagnetic brake system is much safer than other brake system.

   JBH is a professional & responsible electric wheelchair manufacturer, and we have various electric wheelchairs to meet your different requirements. Welcome to contact us if you have any other questions about electric wheelchair.

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