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What Are The Differences Between Sports Wheelchair & Ordinary Wheelchair?

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   Sports wheelchairs are wheelchairs for disabled people to use in sports activities. The materials used in sports wheelchairs are generally aluminum alloys or light materials, which are both strong and lightweight. Sophisticated sports wheelchairs are one of the necessary factors for disabled athletes to achieve good results. Next, let's learn knowledge about sports wheelchairs. Here are some answers.

   Here is the content list:

  •    Amazing price.

  •    Different design concepts.

   Amazing price

   There is nothing special about the style and function of wheelchairs for disabled people that we see in daily life. The price of these ordinary wheelchairs generally ranges from one to three hundred dollars to three or four thousand dollars. However, the sports wheelchairs active in the Paralympic Games have all imported wheelchairs. For example, the cheapest sports wheelchairs used by the men's and women's wheelchair basketball teams are 5000 to 8000 dollars. This is because a sports wheelchair is not like a normal wheelchair. Ordinary wheelchairs can be used by people with inconvenient legs and feet. Sports wheelchairs are specially designed and developed for disabled athletes, generally not mass-produced, but customized products. They are made according to the user's body shape, and paraplegic position, and most importantly, their materials are different from ordinary life wheelchairs, so the price of sports wheelchairs is slightly more expensive.

   Different design concepts

   The wheels of the sports wheelchair are "eight" shaped, and in addition to the large wheels, there are also small wheels of varying numbers. The inclination angle of the wheels is about 45 degrees, which not only lowers the center of gravity and makes it more stable, but also protects the athlete. The wheels of the sports wheelchair are tilted inward, reducing the space between the base of the thigh and the wheel. During the competition, the possibility of the opponent's wheelchair wheel crashing into this space is reduced to avoid leg injury. "Leaning back" is one of the most common movements in ball games for disabled athletes. For ordinary wheelchairs, leaning back can easily cause the wheelchair to tip over. Therefore, wheelchairs used by disabled ball players often have one or two anti-skid wheels in the front or behind the car. From the design point of view, the sports wheelchair can reflect the designer's concern for the safety of disabled athletes!

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