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Important Things You Should Know When Choosing Manual Wheelchair

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   The manual wheelchair is the most important and most common rehabilitation aid and is now often used by the elderly and the disabled. With the progress and development of society, the manual wheelchair has developed from a simple means of transportation for the disabled to a means for the elderly and disabled to exercise, take care of themselves, and participate in society's important role. Due to the increasing demand for manual wheelchairs in today's society, our company also strives to make manual wheelchairs better. The following are the issues that need to be paid attention to in the purchaing process of manual wheelchairs.

JBH Sport wheelchair

   The following is a list of contents:

  •    Strength of Manual wheelchair

  •    Glide offset for manual wheelchair

  •    Manual wheelchair brake system

   Strength of Manual wheelchair

   Strength requirements are the most important part of the standard requirements and the part with the most test content. It includes static strength, impact strength, vehicle impact, seat impact, and fatigue strength five parts. The static strength is to test the bearing capacity of each part of the wheelchair when the corresponding static load is applied. The content covers all situations in which the wheelchair may be subjected to external forces during use, and the static load applied in the test is calculated and multiplied by the safety factor by simulating the force applied by the user during normal use minimum strength requirements. It can be said that the company has passed the static strength test to ensure that every component that needs attention in the production process of the manual wheelchair can meet the requirements of safe use.

   Glide offset for manual wheelchair

   Sliding offset is one of the items most likely to be unqualified in manual wheelchair inspections. The results of national supervision and random inspection also show that sliding offset is also a frequently unqualified item. Usually, the reason for the unqualified sliding offset of the manual wheelchair is that the assembly of the two front wheels is not tight, resulting in the wheelchair's left and right steering forces being unbalanced and running off track. At present, manufacturers usually assemble the front wheels manually, and the tightness is manually controlled by the assemblers, so the stability of product assembly is not high. If the wheelchair deviates, there is a great hidden danger to the safety of use. However, according to the inspection rules of the national standard, the sliding offset is a secondary item, and the three secondary items are not qualified to be considered unqualified, and the sliding offset is not required as a factory inspection item to be inspected for every machine, so it is easy to cause manufacturers to not pay enough attention to this secondary item of sliding offset when producing wheelchairs. In the future standard formulation and revision, the company can set the sliding offset as the main item and adopt more stable assembly technology, and also strictly control the sliding offset as a factory inspection item.

   Manual wheelchair brake system

   The braking performance index of the manual wheelchair is formed by the test of the parking performance, the braking distance, and the fatigue strength of the parking brake. Braking performance is also one of the frequently unqualified items, mainly because the design of the parking brake is not reasonable and the installation position of the brake is not accurate enough. The slope holding performance is also related to the friction coefficient between the tire and the test platform. In the slope holding performance test, the wheel slippage is generally affected by friction. The contact area is small, and it is easy to have unqualified performance on the slope. Therefore, the company will pay attention to the above problems in the research and development process, test the braking distance, and arrange staff to remind users to pay attention to the braking problem during the after-sales service and inform the users, especially during the process of fast driving, to brake in an emergency. There may be serious dangers such as the user tipping forward or overturning the vehicle.

   JBH manual sport wheelchairs have been sold all over the world. Welcome yo contact us if you are interested in our products. 

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