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How to Clean Your Power Wheelchair Appropriately?

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When it comes to daily maintenance of the power wheelchair, how to clean it is the first thing you should know. Clean your wheelchair can protect metal and wooden parts from rusting and rotting and stop damage caused by dirt scraping against moving parts. Besides, a clean wheelchair will looks more comfortable than a dirty one, isn’t it?

How to Clean Wheelchair-JBH

  Here are some tips when cleaning your power wheelchair.

  Clean the wheelchair frame

1. Use warm water to clean the frame and remember to add a little soap.

2. Remember to clean the moving parts, and where upholstery joins the frame.

3. Pay attention to the caster axles bearings, Remove the dirt, lint, and hair from it with some little tools like scissors, tweezers, toothbrush, or plyers. Don't underestimate the destructive power of these little things, they may ruin your wheelchair.

Clean the cushion

1. Remove the cushion first when clean the wheelchair, wash it separately.

2. Dry the cushion in the shade, don’t expose it to the sun.


  Usually we suggest our clients clean the wheelchair once a month. If you have any other problems, welcome to contact us. Our website is : www.jbhmedical.com

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