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How To Choose a Suitable Electric Wheelchair for Elderly Person?

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   More and more aging people are facing the daily traveling difficulty, in order to improve their quality of life, many of them may need an electric wheelchair, which can stay their active and do the things they enjoy. The problem  is that there are various electric wheelchair models on the market, how to choose a suitable one? Here are some suggestions.

DC01 carbon fiber wheelchair

Who can’t use electric wheelchair?

One thing we should know is that electric wheelchair is not suitable for all people. Electric wheelchair has a controller on the armrest, if elders can’t keep the mind clear or use the hands sensitively, driving an electric wheelchair would be a dangerous thing for them.


What should be taken into consideration?

  • Core indicators (motor, battery,controller and braking system)

  • Max Capacity

  • Frame materials

  • Humanized design (multi-functional)

  • Individual differentiation


   Core Indicators

   Motor, battery,controller and braking system are the 4 core indicators of an electric wheelchair. And they are the most important factors you should take into consideration.

  • Motor - A good motor can have a better performance in many aspects: Climb the slope easily; Start the wheelchair stably ; With stronger buffer power; Low noise.

  • Battery - The ternary lithium battery is the mainstream configuration of electric wheelchair. It is lightweight, durable and recyclable.

  • Controller - A good controller should have strong buffer power. It means when users push the joystick, the wheelchair should be started or stopped gently and safely, and users won’t have a feeling of abrupt.

  • Braking system - This is the most important part of an electric wheelchair. More and more electric wheelchairs have intelligent electromagnetic brake system, accurate braking while joystick released.

 Electric Wheelchair Details

  Max Capacity

   The max capacity of most electric wheelchairs are 120KG, and some can up to 180KG. So even fat person can also find a suitable wheelchair.

Frame Materials

   Now the popular material of electric wheelchair on the market is aluminum alloy-lightweight, durable, and high cost-effective. If you want to lighter one, carbon fiber wheelchair is also a good choice(But the price is higher.) The wheelchair is not the lighter, the better. We usually think 20kg-35kg (net weight) is the ideal weight for a reliable electric wheelchair.


   Humanized design (multi-functional)

   Multi-functional is the developing trending of wheelchair.

  • Fordable - “Foldable” is a popular concept for wheelchair now. A foldable wheelchair can put  on the car or other public transports easily when go out. And a folded wheelchair is much easier to store than an unfolded one.

  • Detachable battery - If you choose an electric wheelchair, then you must facing the problem of charging. The detachable battery can help you charging more easily,  especially on the outside.

  • Turning radius - Wheelchair can making a 360-degree turn. Short turning radius means the wheelchair is more flexible, and can have a better performance in narrow place.

  • Adjustable - Many wheelchairs have several adjustable parts like headrest, armrest, backrest, footrest and so on. Some of them have a multi-stage angle adjustable backrest.

 Portable Wheelchair

   Individual Differentiation

There won’t be a perfect wheelchair. Before you start purchasing, try to know your requirements clearly first.

If you need to take the airplane frequently, then you should choose a wheelchair which can take on the airplane. If you are confined to wheelchairs, then you’d better prepare a breathable removable seat and a back cushions.Fat person need a wheelchair with wide seat, tall person want a wheelchair which can adjust the height...You see, different people always have different requirements for the  wheelchair. So, know what you really need is very important when choosing the electric wheelchair.

JBH is a Research & Development company of electric wheelchair, and has our own factory. We have designed various electric wheelchairs to meet different users’ demand. Welcome to contact us for further cooperation.


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