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How Much Does An Electric Wheelchair Cost?

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   Electric wheelchair can highly improve the quality of users' life. There are various electric wheelchair on the market, and the price range from $1000 ~ $18000. The price difference is depend on many factors like the materials, functions, brands and so on...

Electric Wheelchair D23

   If you are searching for an electric wheelchair, but not sure whether your budget is adequate or not, you can have an initial judgments after you finish reading this article. First, we can divide all wheelchairs into three according to the price.  

   *Low price wheelchair ($1000 ~ $2000)

   *Mid-priced wheelchair ($2000 ~ $4000)

   *High-end wheelchair (Over $10000)

   If your budget is nearly $1000, you can hardly find a new electric wheelchair on the market. We suggest you buy a second-hand wheelchair or a manual wheelchair.

   Mid-priced wheelchair are more common on the market. The particular price is depend on your requirements. The more functions you want, the higher price. And another factor is the material. For example ,the price for most JBH aluminum alloy wheelchairs are range from $2500~$3000. But for carbon fiber wheelchair, the price is nearly $4000.

   As for the high-end wheelchair, it is usually designed for someone who has special requirements, and some functions need to be customized.For most wheelchair users, this kind of wheelchair is not their choice.

   How to check whether the price of your electric wheelchair is reasonable? We suggest you pay attention to 3 aspects: Driving system, the mould and additional functions.

   Driving system

   As we all know, the electric wheelchair are powered by battery. So the motor and battery are the main factors to influence the price.

   There are 2 kinds of motors on the market : Burshless motor and brush motor. Compared with brushless motor, brush motor has a more stable performance and less noisy, of course it would be more expensive. The high-end electric wheelchair usually use the brush motor.

    Lead acid battery is very cheap, but it is so heavy. More and more wheelchairs prefer to use the lithium battery.

   Pay attention to the motor power & battery capacity. More stronger the motor power and battery capacity, More father the wheelchair can go.


   For wheelchairs, the better the mould, the higher the price. A good mould always with good design, it can be folded easily and has strong shock resistance ability. And users will also feel more comfortable when driving the wheelchair.

   Additional functions

   According to the users' different requirements, the designers have developed many additional functions. So we can find that more and more multi-function electric wheelchairs appeared on the market. Automatic folding, reclinable backrest, electromagnetic braking system, detachable battery, adjustable armrest and headrest...More fundtions you want, more expensive the wheelchair is .

   When purchasing the electric wheelchair, please remember one rule:not the more expensive, the better. It's best only when it fits you.

   JBH is a professional wheelchair manufacturer in China. Our good-value electric wheelchairs have been sold all over the world. Welcome to contact us no matter you are the user or the agent.

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