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How Many You Know about Electric Standing Wheelchair ?

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   For someone who can’t live independently without wheelchair, sitting on the wheelchair for a long time will make your feel uncomfortable and inconvenient. So the standing wheelchair appeared. There are two kind of standing wheelchair on the market: manual standing wheelchair and electric standing wheelchair. Today we will mainly discuss the electric standing wheelchair.

JBH Standing Wheelchair

   What is electric standing wheelchair?

   Electric standing wheelchair is a wheelchair which powered by batteries, it allows you to control your position from sitting to standing, and then have better posture to correct the symptoms like high blood pressure which cause by individuals disability.

   The Advantage of Electric Standing Wheelchair

    1. Physiology

    Sitting for a long time is not a friendly action for human’s body, it may lead to various problems like poor blood circulation, pressure sores, exhaustion and discomfort... The standing wheelchair can increase bone density, improve the blood circulation and bowel function, it can also help you control your bladder voluntarily, and your muscle will not be tight. At the same time, it can help minimize the need for muscle relaxers or medication.

   2. Psychology

   Believe it or not, sitting on the wheelchair for a long time can easily lead to self-abasement. With the standing wheelchair, you can talk with people face to face, instead of keeping look up.

   3. Life quality

   When sitting on the wheelchair, there are many things you can’t do, such as getting something from the high places. To some extent, standing wheelchair allows you to enjoy a high quality life.

   Who can’t use the electric standing wheelchair ?

   What a pity, the standing wheelchair is not suitable for all disabled people. If you have the following symptoms, your doctors will not suggest you choose the standing wheelchair.

  •    Contracture Deformity (muscle stiffness)

  •    Severe skeletal deformities

  •    Osteoporosis (a bone disease)

  •    Postural Hypotension (a form of low blood pressure)

   If you have these symptoms, you’d better check with your doctor to see whether you can use the standing wheelchair.

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