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How Does A Power Wheelchair Work?

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   Although there are many power wheelchairs on the market, their basic structures are generally similar, consisting of motors, motor drivers, and controllers. Because the power wheelchair moves on the ground, it does not need the high speed of the ordinary motor, but it needs a relatively large torque. To reduce the speed and increase the torque of the output shaft, the front end of the motor generally needs to be equipped with a reduction gear. The general motor adopts a DC motor with a Hall line number and code disc signal. The Hall signal is used for the commutation of the motor, and the code disc signal feeds back the speed of the motor. The wheelchair user is a four-wheel drive scheme. Reliable operation, real-time reading of motor speed, torque, and other information, and planning of the power wheelchair to move toward the target point at a certain speed all require the establishment of a stable and reliable electrical control system.

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   Here is the content list:

  •    Has an operating platform

  •    The motor rotates according to the instructions required by the user

  •    Real-time feedback of motor status

  •    Display electric wheelchair parameters such as speed, acceleration, battery level, etc.

  •    Safety protection function

   Has an operating platform

   The electric wheelchair needs to move according to the user's instructions, so the design of the electrical control system needs to consider having an interface for inputting instructions to the user. The user's instructions include instructions for setting the working mode of the motor, the movement speed of the vehicle body, and the movement direction of the vehicle body.

   The motor rotates according to the instructions required by the user

   After the power wheelchair user has set the motor speed and other commands, the controller needs to assign the speed and torque value of each motor through the kinematic equation and dynamic equation according to the command input by the user. This part is the key to the whole control system, which involves how establishing the communication between the main controller and each motor driver and the algorithm of the main controller to coordinate the control of each motor.

   Real-time feedback of motor status

   The power wheelchair master controller controls the movement of the motor through the motor driver. At the same time, the master controller also needs to read the status information fed back by the motor in real time, including the speed and torque of the motor. The main controller reads the feedback speed of each motor and solves the speed of the car body through the inverse kinematics equation. At the same time, the main controller reads the feedback torque value of the motor and records the torque output value of each motor.

   Display electric wheelchair parameters such as speed, acceleration, battery level, etc.

   The power wheelchair moves on a plane. In addition to controlling the movement of the car body according to the kinematic equations and dynamic equations, the electrical control system also needs to display the speed, acceleration, and battery power of the car body in real time, which can be used for experimental data. At the same time, the display of the power can provide the user to charge the battery in time.

   Safety protection function

   When the power wheelchair is in motion, it often encounters some obstacles. If it is not avoided, the collision will damage its structure or connections. The mobile robot needs to detect the distance between the vehicle body and the obstacle according to some of its ranging sensors, to avoid the obstacle and perform the next task. At the same time, when the wheel is stuck and locked during the movement of the wheel, the current of the power wheelchair motor will be very large. At this time, it is necessary to stop the work of the motor urgently to protect the motor and the battery.

   The above is the relevant content about the basic functions of the power wheelchair. If you are interested in the power wheelchair, you can contact us. If you are searching for a reliable electric wheelchair manufacturer, please kindly contact us. 

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