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Can We Use Electric Wheelchair on The Rainy Day?

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   Go out with an electric wheelchair is really comfortable and convenient. But can we use it on the rainy day? The answer is absolutely “NO”.

   If you have an electric wheelchair, you will find that the motors and batteries are assembled on the bottom of the chair. If we driving the wheelchair to somewhere with deep water, they would short-circuit or even be on fire.

   And as we all know, the core parts of an electric wheelchair are all precision instruments. Though they have waterproofing design, it would be better to avoid getting wet.

   If you happen to meet the heavy rain outside, remember these tips:

   1. Find somewhere on higher ground to shelter from the rain temporarily, and ask your family or friends for help.

   2. If your wheelchair was caught in the rain, don’t charging directly because it may lead short-circuit. Having a test in the professional maintenance store before charging, it will help you protect the wheelchair.

   By the way, if your electricwheelchair are stored in open air , remember to take off the battery off and stored indoors.

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