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An Ultra-light Electric Wheelchair for Elderly

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   More and more elderly want to have a lightweight electric wheelchair, so that they can use it independently. But we all know that the lightweight wheelchair has potential safety hazard, especially when the material is not strong enough .

   In order to meet the requirements of our clients, JBH has designed several carbon fiber wheelchairs. They have great quality and much lighter than common electric wheelchairs. Today, we will show you one of them - DC05.

   The net weight is only 17.5kg, and an adult can easily lift it up. Here are the obvious advantages of this lightweight carbon fiber wheelchair.

    Carbon Fiber Wheelchair

   1. Lightweight

   Carbon fiber is a material which commonly used in in aerospace, civil engineering, military, motorsports, and other competition sports. This kind of material is very light, but with high stiffness & high tensile strengthso perfect a material for electric wheelchair.

   2. Foldable

   This wheelchair can be folded within 3 seconds. When you don’t need the wheelchair or want to put it on the trunk for a travel , you can fold it into a compact size. The wheelchair wont take up a lot of space after folding.

Compact Electric Wheelchair


  3. Ultra-durable

   As we said beforeDC05 is made of carbon fiber . This is a kind of material with high stiffness, high tensile strength, high strength to weight ratio, high chemical resistance, high-temperature tolerance. So, it is much durable than other materials.

   4. Accurate and sensitive controller

   Our controller is very simple and smart, elderly can easily know how to operate it.

wheelchair controller

   5. Electromagnetic brake

   Electromagnetic brakes provide many benefits including reduced wear, lower costs, improved heat dissipation and enhanced performance (provide fast action, precise engagement, and smooth, backlash-free operation). Once you released the joystick, the wheelchair will stop immediately.

Intelligent wheelchair

   6. PU solid tire

   Unique thread design overcoming complex terrain, with shock absorption function, increase speed and comfort.


Electric Wheelchair

   If you are searching for a high quality lightweight electric wheelchair , then DC05 would be a great choice .

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