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After-sale Maintenance Tips For Electric Wheelchair

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   Electric wheelchair is very common now. As a frequently used tool, one thing we can't avoid is the maintenance. Today, we will discuss about the after-sale maintenance of electric wheelchair.

JBH Electric Wheelchair

   The common after-sale maintenance methods include:

   1. The seller send the part to you and you assemble it by yourself;

   2. Send the wheelchair back the the factory, and they will repair it for you;

   3. Contact the maintenance shops near you;

   4. Some brands may have technicians there, you can contact them for help.

   Here are some suggestions for you if you are facing this problem.

   1. If you have good practical ability, you can try to repair or replace the parts by yourself. Most of the issues are not difficult to solve.

   2. If you don’t have good practical ability, then buy a wheelchair from a reliable supplier. You get what you pay for. You may save some money when purchasing a low-price wheelchair, but you will pay more for it’s maintenance.

   3. No matter where you buy the wheelchair, keep the purchase certificate, The manufacturer information,especially contact information.

   4. For different brands of wheelchairs, some parts are different. If you need to maintain your wheelchair, provide the brand information to the serviceman first.

   JBH is a professional wheelchair supplier and we have agent in many countries. So you don’t need to worry about the after-sale maintenance at all. Welcome to contact us if you are interested in our products.

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