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Why the Price for Electric Wheelchairs Are So Different?

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   We can see thousands of electric wheelchairs on the market. Some clients who don’t know much about the electric wheelchairs always have a question: for 2 same electric wheelchairs , why the price are so different. As a professional electric wheelchair manufacturer, we will show you the answer. And this would be helpful for you when choose an electric wheelchair.

   The Factors Which Will Influence the Price of Electric Wheelchair

   * The product configuration

   * The mould

   * The product design

   * The brand premium


   This is the main reason for the price discrepancy. With different configurations, the price can be much different. We will list some important factors which will influence the final price of the wheelchair.

   * The motor

   The motor is the heart of an electric wheelchair, it provides power to the wheelchair. A good motor can make you feel easy when climbing. The motor is divided into brush motor & bruless motor, and brushless motor would be more expensive.

   * The controller

   How to judge whether this electric wheelchair is user-friendly or not? The controller plays an important role. Joystick controls offer full directional ( 360°) control and speed control. A good controller should be sensitive enough to run the instructions accurately. And it also should be durable enough. In order to reduce the cost, many manufacturers would choose cheap controller, but it will increase your maintenance costs.

   * The battery

   Traditional electric wheelchair always use the lead-acid batteries. This kind of battery has a stable performance and very cheap,  but it’s disadvantages are also obvious, it is too heavy and can’t be taken to the airplane. If you are searching for lightweight electric wheelchair, lithium battery would be more suitable.  

   * The material

   Steel and aluminum alloy are the most common materials for electric wheelchairs, but the price are totally different . Aluminum alloy is more durable and lightweight, so more and more manufacturers would choose it as the main material of frame. If you want a better one , carbon fiber frame can be taken into consideration.

   By the way, a quick way to cut costs is by cutting corners in production or service methods. So even the same materials, the finished products would be much different in quality , of course that the price will also be different.

     * The braking system

   High-end electric wheelchair always equips the electromagnetic brake.This intelligent braking system is much more expensive than normal ones, but it can provides a more effective protection. For people who need the assistance of wheelchair, safety is the primary consideration.


   The quality of the mould determines the quality of the wheelchair . The more complex the processing technology, the more , the higher the manufacturing costs. For high quality electric wheelchair, the cost and time spend on the mould would be much more than your imagination.


   Good electric wheelchair always have a humanization design, and it usually has many additional functions. The more functions it has , the more expensive. Here are some common functions you may need.

   * Foldable Electric Wheelchair

   Folding electric wheelchair is a new trending in recent years. With this function, you can easily put it into the trunk. When you don’t need it, just fold it up and put it in the corner.

   * Reclining Electric Wheelchair

   Siting all the day would be tired for the wheelchair users, a reclining wheelchair can let their body have a good rest.

   *Adjustable Electric Wheelchair

   As we all know, the body type of different people are different. Unless you customize a electric wheelchair, it would be hard to find a wheelchair which totally match your body. With an adjustable wheelchair, you can adjust the seat width, footrest, headrest or other parts according to your requirements.

   * Shock-absorbing Electric Wheelchair

   This is also a factor that will influence the comfort of the wheelchair.   If you need often drive the wheelchair through uneven areas, a shock-absorption electric wheelchair is useful. We suggest you pay a little more for the added comfort and convenience.


   No matter in what industry, famous brand products are always more expensive than normal ones, this is called “Brand Premium”. Though they are not cheap, they have a better quality and maintenance service.

   We all know that you will get what you pay for. If you want choose a suitable electric wheelchair, you can follow our tips.

  •     List the functions you need most. For example, a foldable electric wheelchair, a reclining wheelchair, an adjustable wheelchair, or all of them.

  •     Know what kind of electric wheelchair you want, then you can try to ask more suppliers the price, then you will know the price range of the wheelchair you want.

  •     Set your budget according to your surveys before, and find the best one for you.

   JBH is an electric wheelchair manufacturer in China, and we are committed to provide high quality products to our clients. If you need high quality electric wheelchairs but don’t know how to choose, welcome to contact us.  

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