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7 Common Problems & Solutions of Electric Wheelchairs

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   Electric wheelchair is an important tool for disabled or elderly people. Though it can help them a lot in the daily life, but the maintenance is a hard work. Even the best power wheelchair, there will be various problems. Here are 7 common problems and solutions of electric wheelchair. Next time when you have these problems, you can easily have a check by yourself, instead of searching for the help of wheelchair manufacturers each time.

   Problems Included: 

  •    Why i can’t start the electric wheelchair ?

  •    Why the joystick don’t light up?

  •    Why batteries for a wheelchair can’t hold a charge?

  •    Why batteries for a wheelchair can not work as good as before?

  •    Why the electric wheelchair runs much slower than usual?

  •    Why i can’t drive the electric wheelchair smoothly?

  •    Why i can hear the abnormal sound when driving ?

   1. Why i can’t start the electric wheelchair ?

   Press the start button but there is no response? You can have a check from these aspects:

   1. Have you installed the electric wheelchair batteries correctly?

   2.  Have you turned on the power ?(By checking whether the light on the joystick is on or off )

   3. Make sure the electric wheelchair is on the “Power ” mode instead of “Manual” mode. Under “Manual ” mode, the wheelchair can only be pushed manually.

   4. Make sure the charger and power cord are not plugged into the unit. Many electric wheelchairs will not work under the circumstances.

   Press the start button but the electric wheelchair can only moves a short distance

   1. Make sure that the circuit breaker has not been tripped and make sure the wires and the breaker are in good shape.

   2. Make sure the wires and connectors are in proper condition. The poor contact may lead to this problem.

   3. Make sure the throttle / joystick feels right.If they can’t spring back correctly, please check the assembly.

   2. Why the joystick don’t light up?

   The joystick don’t light up when press the start button, it may caused by following aspects:

   1. Whether the power was turned on or not. You can check the controller.

   2. Make sure you have connected the controller to the power appropriately.

   3. Make sure the electric wheelchair batteries are fully charged.

electric wheelchair controller

   3. Why batteries for a wheelchair can’t hold a charge?

   If your batteries can’t hold a charge, you should check the battery charger first.

   1. Is the charger plugged into a working outlet? You can use other electrical goods to test.

   2. Are you using the right charger? Don’t mix all your chargers up, most of them are incompatible.

   If there is no problem of the charger, you can have a check of other parts.

   1. Make sure all parts are connected correctly and efficiently.

   2. Check whether the battery is fully charged or not. If it is already fully charged , many electric wheelchairs have the overcharge protection function.

   No matter the charger or the battery, once you make sure that they can’t work normally, please find the supplier and replace them as soon as possible.

   4. Why batteries for a wheelchair can not work as good as before?

   Many electric wheelchair users may find that the max driving distance is reduced. This is because the storage capacity of the lithium battery is getting weaker. When you meet this problem, please note:

   Normally, batteries will simply deteriorate over time. It’s performance will get worse and worse by constant use. But if If the battery has worn out unreasonably fast, you should find the professional maintainers to help you.

   5. Why the electric wheelchair runs much slower than usual?

   For most electric wheelchair, the max speed is 6 km/h. Some users may found that their wheelchairs run much slower than usual. What happened?

   1. Have you adjusted the speed by accidentally? For most wheelchairs, the speed is range from 0~6 km/h. Check the controller to see the speed you have set.

   2. Are you using a special wheelchair, like reclining wheelchair or standing wheelchair. These kind of wheelchair will reduce power output automatically when the

seat is not explicitly positioned for driving.

   3. Driving on the complicated terrains like grassland, cobbled road will also influence the speed of your electric wheelchair.

Electric Wheelchair joystick

   6. Why i can’t drive the electric wheelchair smoothly?

    If you feel that driving your electric wheelchair is not as smooth as before, remember to check the tire.

   As we all know , the tire is the basic part of the wheelchair.Tires on a power chair are either pneumatic (air-filled) or solid (foam-filled). If you have flat, punctured or damaged tires, your wheelchair would not run normally.

   Another influence factor is the terrain. The feeling of driving on the uneven terrain are totally different from driving on the flat terrain.

   7. Why i can hear the abnormal sound when driving ?

   When driving an electric wheelchair, you may hear the abnormal sound sometimes.

   1. If the speed is too low, the abnormal sound would be appeared. You can increase the speed to avoid this problem.

   2. If the wheelchair motors are damaged, the wheelchair will utter the abnormal sound. Then you should change the motor or send it to the repair shop.

   3. Check whether you have assembled the wheelchair well, especially the non-welded joint part.


   For your safety, we suggest you have a routine maintenance of your electric wheelchair. Especially the important part of brake, tire, controller and battery...It would reduce the  unforeseen circumstances effectively.

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