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6 Differences Between Lithium Battery Wheelchair & Lead Acid Battery Wheelchair

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   There are more and more lithium battery wheelchairs on the market. You may ask why this kind of wheelchairs are so popular now? What’s the differences between it and the traditional lead acid battery wheelchair? Now, we will show you the main differences between them.

lithium battery VS. lead acid battery

   1. The weight.

   Compared with lead acid battery wheelchair, the lithium battery wheelchair is much lighter. If you are searching for a portable electric wheelchair, then lithium battery wheelchair is your best choice.

   2. The lifespan

   The lifespan of a lead acid battery is nearly 2 years, while the lifespan of Lithium-ion batteries is at least two to three times longer.

   3. Max drive distance

   For the same capacity, the max drive distance of lead acid battery wheelchair is much less than the lithium battery wheelchair. As we said before, the lithium battery wheelchair is much lighter, so it is more power-efficient.

   4. Charging

   For the lead acid battery, it may take you 10 hours for charging, whereas lithium batteries only take from 3 hours to as little as a few minutes to charge, depending on the size of the battery.

   5. The safety

   In terms of safety, lead acid batteries contain safety systems, they are now Valve Regulated (VRLA) and maintenance-free, therefore safe to use. Pure lithium is highly flammable when in contact with air, but most lithium batteries are equipped with Battery Management Systems (BMS), and make sure that there is no overcharge/discharge.

   6. The cost

   The cost of lead acid battery is much lower than the lithium battery. If you don’t have many requirements of the electric wheelchair, you can buy a lead acid battery wheelchair. If you want a portable & foldable wheelchair with compact size, then lead acid battery wheelchair is not suitable for you.

JBH Electric Wheelchair

   JBH is a professional supplier of lithium battery electric wheelchairs, and all of them has their unique advantages, If you want to know more, welcome to contact us.

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