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5 Trends of Electric Wheelchair Development

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   Electric wheelchair has been in our lives for a long time, how to make it better is the wheelchair designer's eternal pursuit . According to our experience, there are 5 trends of electric wheelchair development now. Let’s have a look together.  

Electric Wheelchair D29

   This is the content list:

  •    Portability

  •    Versatility

  •    Intelligent

  •    Green

  •    Personalize


   A well-off society has made more and more elderly people and disabled people often go out for shopping, travel, parks and other leisure and entertainment activities, and the frequency of wheelchair use has increased also making higher demands. On the one hand, it is the selection of power wheelchair materials, and the development of new composite materials can minimize the weight of the wheelchair while ensuring the structural strength, wear resistance and crush resistance of the wheelchair. On the other hand, it is to innovate and optimize the folding mechanism and method of power wheelchair, reduce the volume of the wheelchair after folding as much as possible, and save the space for storage and transportation.


   Due to the differences in the users of the electric wheelchair, the actual functional requirements are also different, so the simple transportation function of the wheelchair cannot solve all the problems encountered in the life of such groups. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring the basic functions of wheelchairs,  power wheelchairs based on medical theory are also attracting more and more attention, including toilet wheelchairs, station assists wheelchairs, and rehabilitation wheelchairs, stair climbing wheelchairs, etc.


   The power wheelchair will use more artificial intelligence technology to achieve intelligence in manipulation, human-computer interaction, safety protection, etc. Touch screen, voice, body movements, and other methods will be combined with traditional mechanical button control. At the same time, more advanced automatic obstacle avoidance, automatic folding, GPS positioning, visual tracking, and other multi-field technologies will also be integrated. Domestic research has been carried out on the control of electric wheelchairs using EEG signals. Human-computer interaction can collect voice and other information more efficiently and accurately, allowing users to communicate and interact with relatives and friends via video anytime, anywhere; the human body monitoring system can let children know the physical health data of the elderly in real time; Automatically send out alarms and distress signals to help get out of trouble and improve the safety and reliability of the wheelchair.


   Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, recyclable, air-free tires will be used on the  power wheelchair. The driving power source adopts a high-energy battery with new materials, new technology, and new energy, which greatly improves the battery life while reducing the mass and volume, and can realize super fast charging. At the same time, the battery will be composed of multiple sub-modules, which can be quickly disassembled and replaced. When the battery is exhausted, it can not only be installed in the car for charging but also can be disassembled for charging. In addition, wheelchairs can share charging piles with electric vehicles, saving social resources.



   With the continuous improvement of people's self-awareness and the improvement of user requirements, under the condition that the power wheelchairs meets the requirements of safety, comfort, and rationality, personalization has been paid more and more attention. At the same time, the development of technologies such as intelligent manufacturing and 3D printing has provided the possibility for personalized customization of products. In the future, the elderly and the disabled can choose a modular wheelchair according to their own needs, so that people, machines, and the environment can be fully integrated, and truly respect and protect the pursuit and rights of these vulnerable groups, and create understanding, respect and support a good social atmosphere for the elderly and the disabled, and build a vibrant and harmonious society.

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