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5 Hot Sale Mobility Scooters in 2023

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  Mobility scooters is a great assistant for disabled people and elderly, it provides a convenient and independent means of transportation, both indoors and outdoors. Today, we will introduce you 5 most hot sale mobility scooters of JBH, and there must h Mave one meet your requirements.

   First of all, i want share some common features of JBH mobility scooters.

   1. Folable

   JBH mainly design and produce folding mobility scooters. All our mobility scooters can be folded/unfolded to a compact size easily. The mainly difference is the folding method, some can be folded/unfolded automatically, some need to be folded/unfolded manually.

   2.  Intelligent braking system

   All JBH mobility scooters are equipped with an intelligent electromagnetic braking system. This kind of braking system offers precise and controllable braking performance, it improves the overall reliability and performance. As long as you release the joystick, the mobility scooter will be stopped immediately.

   3. Airline approved

   JBH mobility scooters are equipped with detachable lithium batteries. This means that you can bring the mobility scooter to airplane or other public transportation. Very friendly for people who need travel frequently.

 JBH Carbon Fiber Mobility Scooter FBC01

Mobility Scooter FBC01

   Carbon fiber mobility scooter is not common in the market. The most obvious advantages of a carbon fiber mobility scooter is lightweight and durable. JBH FBC01 is such a kind of mobility scooter.

   The net weight of JBH mobility scooter FBC01 is only 19.2kg (42.3lb). Common mobility scooters are always too heavy, and it is unfriendly for it’s users, especially when they want go out for a travel. Our FBC01 can totally meet your requirements for an portable travel mobility scooter.

   More information please click here: JBH Red Carbon Fiber Foldable Mobility Scooter FBC01

JBH Classic Mobility Scooter FDB01

Mobility Scooter FDB01

   JBH mobility scooter FDB01 is the most popular model. It is made of aluminum alloy, and the net weight is 27kg (59.5lb).


   Compared with other JBH mobility scooters, FDB01 is traditional. This is also the reason why most people like it. Another feature of the mobility scooter FDB01 is the folding method. It has 2 folding methods: through remote control or through the button.

   More information please click here: JBH Red Foldable Mobility Scooter FDB01


JBH Compact Mobility Scooter FDB05/FDB05A

Compact Mobility Scooter

   If you don’t like the bulky mobility scooter, then JBH mobility scooter FDB05 would be great choice for you.

   The most obvious feature of JBH mobility scooter FDB05 is the compact size. The unfold size of FDB05 is 940*470*920 mm (37”*15.5”*36.2”), the seat width is 326 mm (12.8”). It is very flexible to move anywhere.

   Compared with FDB05, JBH mobility scooter FDB05A has a backrest.

   More information please click here: JBH Lightweight Electric Mobility Scooter FDB05

                                                          JBH Compact Mobility Scooter with Backrest FDB05A 


JBH Modern Mobility Scooter FNS01

Mobility Scooter FNS01

   JBH mobility scooter FNS01 is our new developed mobility scooter. It has a modern and attractive appearance and has got many clients’ attention.

   The mobility scooter FNS01 has a thoughtful ergonomic design, much more comfortable than your imagination. And it can be operated through wireless devices. Very convenient and modern .

   More information please click here: JBH Modern 4 wheel mobility scooter FNS01

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