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5 Differences Between Electric Wheelchair & Mobility Scooter

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   As the transport for elderly & disabled people, electric wheelchair and mobility scooter are both popular now. But they have many differences, and a lot of people don’t know which one is more suitable for them. Now, we will show you the differences between to help you make the decision.

   Differences between electric wheelchair and mobility scooter :

  •    The requirement of users’ physical condition

  •    The operating mode

  •    The application scenario

  •    The shape

  •    The comfort level

   1. The requirement of users’ physical condition

   This is the most important part you should know whee making the decision.

   Mobility scooter is suitable for people who are able-bodied, their arm strength must be good so that they can maintain their position comfortably over long periods of time.

   As for electric wheelchair (also called motorized wheelchair), it don’t have such strict requirements for users’ physical condition.As long as the user can keep a clear mind and can operate the controller on the armrest, they can drive wheelchair.

   2. The operating mode

   For electric wheelchair, there is a controller on the armrest. You can do anything (like forward, backward and turn around) through the joystick. It is very easy to operate.

   For mobility scooter, it is operated using a tiller handle and will require both hands to steer and control.That’s why we say the mobility scooter has a higher requirement for user’s physical condition.

Drive Wheelchair

   3. The application scenario

   It is obvious that their application scenarios are different according to the characteristics.

   If you pay attention to the specifications, you will see a parameters called “turning radius”. Shorter the turning radius, more flexible the wheelchair /scooter is, and the performance in narrow place is better. The turning radius of electric wheelchair is much shorter than mobility scooter, and usually has a better performance for indoor use.

   If you have a great dependence on the mobility device and rely on it to complete everyday tasks, electric wheelchair would be your first choice. If you just need one for a relaxing outdoor travel, the mobility scooter would be better.

   4. The shape

   This is the most obvious difference we can see. The electric wheelchair is developed from ordinary wheelchair, and it keeps using the original shape. As for mobility scooter, it looks like an electric scooter, and the shape is more fashionable. If physical condition is good, many elderly would like to choose mobility scooter, instead of electric wheelchair.

Electric wheelchair VS Mobility Scooter 1

   5. The comfort level

   In order to improve the comfort level, some clients may choose to customize an electric wheelchair according to their body shape. But this kind of wheelchair is very expensive. But you can choose an adjustable mobility device.

   For mobility scooter, the only adjustable part is the tiller. But for electric wheelchair, many parts can be adjusted to the most suitable position, for example, the headrest, armrest, backrest, seat width, the height, pedal and so on...

   No matter electric wheelchair or mobility scooter, we wish you can choose the one which really suitable for your physical conditions. If you still don’t know how to choose, please kindly contact us. JBH is a production enterprise combining research, manufacturing and sales together. And we will usually provide you the professional suggestions.

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