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4 Development Trends & Prospects of Electric Wheelchair

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   Although manual wheelchairs are cheap, they are more laborious to use. It can only travel mechanically, and the safety index is not high. Therefore, such people urgently need an electric wheelchair to assist their daily life, reduce the burden of life and improve their happiness index. At present, the research and development of intelligent wheelchairs are also quite effective, and the development of more intelligent and more efficient electric wheelchairs will certainly reduce the social burden and promote the development of society. So, what are the developments trends of electric wheelchair?

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   Here is the content list:

  •    Intelligent

  •    Humanize

  •    Modular

  •    Commercialized


   With the development of various science and technology, intelligence is the inevitable trend in the development of the electric wheelchairs. In the future development, intelligent wheelchairs will comprehensively use more intelligent technologies to develop more human-machine interfaces, such as voice control, eye control, consciousness control, automatic control, and driving, and even can be used in conjunction with smartphones. To achieve the user's independent operation, without the assistance of others.


   From the user's point of view, the electric wheelchair is designed for the elderly and the disabled, and it should be designed according to their degree of disability and psychology. On the control interface, some complicated operations should be removed, the operation steps should be simplified, and flashiness should be avoided. At the same time, emotional elements should be considered in the design of the appearance, such as the color matching, the selection of the surface material of the seat cushion, the degree of softness and hardness of the seat cushion, and the adjustment of the angle of the seat back.


   If an electric wheelchair wants to enter the market, it must be manufactured in a modular way. The entire modular system includes basic modules and a single functional module. Each functional module is combined into a smart wheelchair with different functions. Users can adapt to their own needs. Select the corresponding function module. Realizing the modular production of electric wheelchair is beneficial to the diverse functional needs of different types of consumers, and also facilitates the production of enterprises to a certain extent, controls the production costs of enterprises, and also ensures product quality and after-sales service.



   The electric wheelchair is no longer just displayed in laboratories or expositions as scientific and technological achievements but is sold as an ordinary product in a dazzling market. Just like the smartphones we use now, smart wheelchairs can also appear in people's lives as common as smartphones, and there are different prices, brands, styles, and functions for people to choose and buy.

   The above is about the development trend and prospect of electric wheelchair. If you are interested in it, you can contact us. Our website is www.jbhmedical.com.

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