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4 Common Questions and Suggestions for Power Wheelchair

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   With the rapid development of the medical industry and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, wheelchairs have become an essential means of transportation for the elderly or disabled. Whether it is a power wheelchair or a manual wheelchair, the development of the current wheelchair industry has reached its peak. Since it is a means of transportation for the elderly or disabled, its safety and effectiveness should be guaranteed. So what are the frequently asked questions and suggestions for the power wheelchair? Let's take a look next.

electric wheelchair

   Here is the content list:

  •    Suppress driving while charging

  •    Motor stall protection

  •    Impact strength

  •    Double roll fatigue strength

   Dont driving while charging

   If the user accidentally drives the wheelchair during the charging process, it is easy to cause the power cord to fall off or break due to pulling, which may cause the danger of exposed live parts. The problem that driving cannot be inhibited during charging is common in registration inspections and supervision and sampling tests in recent years. It is recommended that companies set the controller program to inhibit driving during charging before leaving the factory. In addition, if the power wheelchair is equipped with two charging connectors, it must be ensured that either does not drive the wheelchair while the charging connector is charging.

   Motor stall protection

   When driving the power wheelchair, it may meet with obstacles , and its drive motor will stall. At this time, the drive motor will heat up due to excessive current. Long-term overheating will cause permanent damage, or even endanger the operator's life. The common problem in the testing process is that the power wheelchair is not equipped with a corresponding over-current protection device, it will leads to overheating of the motor and controller. It is recommended that the power wheelchair manufacturer configure an over-current protection device on the external circuit of the controller or battery, which can automatically disconnect the circuit when an excessive current occurs, thus ensuring the safety of users.

   Impact strength

   It is inevitably be subjected to various sudden impacts when driving power wheelchair. The impact strength tests the ability of each part of the wheelchair to be impacted. The impact strength is the impact of a pendulum with a specified mass on the wheelchair vehicle that bears the impact during use, just as when the user sits in the power wheelchair, the impact on the backrest and the impact of obstacles on the hand ring, casters, and footrests. After the impact strength test, the most problems are the looseness and deformation of the casters and the damage to the foot rest. It is recommended that the manufacturer should fully consider the impact resistance of these parts when selecting the casters and the foot rest.

   Double roll fatigue strength

   The two-roll fatigue test refers to the electric wheelchair bumping test 200,000 times on a two-roll testing machine under the maximum safe load conditions claimed by the supplier. The most likely unqualified phenomenon in the inspection process is the deformation and fracture of the power wheelchair crossbar. Since the crossbar is the main load-bearing part of the wheelchair, if the inner diameter and wall thickness of the cross bar is too small and too thin, it is easy to break in a high-strength, multiple-jump environment. In response to the above-unqualified phenomena, wheelchair manufacturers can make improvements from the following two points. One is to choose a cross-bar with a thick pipe wall as much as possible to enhance the support strength.

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