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3 Design Principles of Electric Wheelchair Appearance

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   Although the key technologies inside the electric wheelchair are worth studying, the appearance design of the smart wheelchair cannot be ignored. Smart wheelchairs should also be the same as other furniture products, so that "beauty and intelligence" coexist. The shape of them directly affects the user's experience and feelings. Through observation and understanding of the lifestyle and psychological characteristics of the elderly and the disabled at different ages, the design principles of electric wheelchairs for the elderly and disabled are obtained.


Electric Wheelchair

   Easy to use

   Some elderly people have obvious degeneration in vision, hearing and touch, and other senses, and even slow movement and reduced ability to distinguish. This requires the design of the electric wheelchairs in terms of the human-computer interaction interface to be as simple and easy to understand as possible. From the design point of view, the function keys of many intelligent wheelchairs are relatively vague, and the functional intentions expressed are not clear enough, which leads to the wrong operation of the elderly in the process of use, thus affecting the confidence of learning. In the case of no response to a series of operations, the elderly will have a mentality of staying away, thinking that they cannot learn, and thus resisting the use of smart products. Therefore, the symbols of the function keys should have clear instructions and guidance, strengthen the representative meaning of the symbols, properly subtract unnecessary functions, avoid some complicated operation procedures, or use some representative colors instead of symbols. The position of the electric wheelchair function key is very important, it should be placed in a position where the elderly can easily touch it, and at the same time, it should be avoided that the elderly raise their hands or turn around to touch them unintentionally. The design principle of the interactive interface should start from the human's point of view, to ensure the simplicity of the operation, and to better serve the human being.


   Diversified styling

   For normal people who can take care of themselves, the car is our usual means of transportation. For the disabled and the elderly, the electric wheelchair is their means of transportation. Usually, the cars we use have different colors, different styles, and different brands for users to choose from, and they can even modify them by themselves. This seems to have become a fun trend for car lovers. Why can't we apply this "interestingness" to the design of an electric wheelchair? People of different ages have the pursuit of "beauty", and the definition of beauty is different. For the elderly, many people think that they elderly do not care too much about the appearance of products, but in fact, the elderly prefer to use products that look good, and they do not want the things they use to be disliked by young people. The appearance design of the intelligent wheelchair must first conform to ergonomics, and the preferences and psychological feelings of the elderly should also be considered in the color matching of the appearance.

   Nowadays, many electric wheelchairs on the market generally use color matching such as black, white, and gray. Such a color scheme will appear more solemn and dull, and it will make people feel that the intelligent wheelchair is a mechanized product. Because users are in contact with smart wheelchairs for the longest time in a day, smart wheelchairs can be regarded as their furniture to some extent. If you use such a dark color scheme, it will widen the distance between the user and the product. There can be more choices in color configuration, and can even be matched by the user. For example, the combination of some warm colors will make people feel warm and harmonious, and the combination of gray will make people feel depressed and heavy.

There is also a lot of attention to the shape of the electric wheelchair. Some children are injured due to diseases or accidents. The appearance can be designed to be more cartoonish, and some cartoon animation elements or decorations can be added appropriately. This can shorten the distance between children and the product, try to make up for the children's missing childhood life, and make them feel psychologically safe.


   Safety is guaranteed

   Safety has always been the most concerned issue in society, and it is necessary to ensure its safety while paying attention to beauty. The shape of the electric wheelchairs should be more streamlined or arc, to avoid some sharp shapes, and to prevent users from accidentally bumping and causing unnecessary damage during use. Anti-skid pads should be added to the armrests or handles on both sides, and bumper foam or anti-collision sponge should be added to the outermost contour of the wheelchair. The airbag protection measures of the car can also be applied to the smart wheelchair to cushion the wheel in case of danger. It can effectively reduce the damage caused by the collision. The mechanical part of the intelligent wheelchair cannot be exposed and can be appropriately covered with some decorations to prevent the user from accidentally contacting the mechanical system during the operation of the electric wheelchair, causing accidental injury.

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