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3 Common Problems in Electric Wheelchair Inspection

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   An electric wheelchair is a wheeled personal mobility device with seat support that can be operated by the occupant or caregiver, has one or more motors, can electrically control the speed, and can use manual or power steering. So what are the common problems in electric wheelchair detection? Let's take a look next.

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   Here is the content list:

  •    Maximum speed

  •    Slope performance

  •    Static stability

   Maximum speed

   The maximum speed of the electric wheelchair refers to the maximum speed that the wheelchair can reach when passing through the flat road. Because the use of an electric wheelchair is the elderly or disabled people with limited mobility, when the wheelchair is fast, in case of special circumstances, it is difficult for the user to respond effectively in time to escape from the dangerous environment. Therefore, the speed of the wheelchair is limited. Limits are especially important. The main reason for the unqualified speed in the inspection is that the speed program setting of the wheelchair controller is unreasonable. For such problems, it is recommended that the electric wheelchair manufacturer adjust the speed value within the standard specified value through the controller parameter adjustment device.

   Slope performance

   The parking performance means that the power wheelchair is on the adjustable test platform, disconnects all motor drive systems, turns off the power supply of the drive system, only uses the parking brake to brake the wheelchair, and moves on the test platform (such as wheel rotation, wheel slip, tire slip) the angle of inclination. The reason for the unqualified parking performance of electric wheelchairs is usually that the gap between the braking device and the tires is too large, resulting in insufficient braking strength and being prone to wheel rotation. The second is the insufficient friction between the tires of the wheelchair and the ground. The phenomenon of wheel slippage. Because of the above problems, it is recommended that electric wheelchair car manufacturers adjust the gap between the braking device and the tires before the wheelchair leaves the factory, and pay attention to choosing tires with greater friction with the ground when choosing tires.

   Static stability

   Static stability refers to the maximum angle that the electric wheelchair can reach in different directions and different states on the adjustable test platform. The requirements of the electric wheelchair static stability clause are mainly to avoid the danger of the electric wheelchair tipping over on the slope. During the testing process, it is found that products with unqualified static stability are prone to occur, most of which are the unreasonable structural design of the wheelchair itself. For example, the wheelbase of the front and rear wheels of the wheelchair is too short, and the center of gravity of the wheelchair is too high tipping phenomenon. It is suggested that electric wheelchair manufacturers should fully consider the center of gravity of the wheelchair in the early stage of wheelchair design, and simulate the stability of the wheelchair in all directions on the slope. Especially for wheelchairs with adjustable backrest angle and seat height, they must ensure the least security at a steady state.

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