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Why We Choose a Carbon Fiber Mobility Scooter?

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   With the development of society, the time has changed and the aging of the population is becoming more and more serious. Many elderly people need wheelchairs to replace their legs to get out of the house to integrate with their elderly friends, but wheelchair travel will make many elderly people uncomfortable, then many people will choose carbon fiber mobility scooters, so what are the benefits of carbon fiber mobility scooters?

Carbon Fiber Mobility Scooter FBC01

   Here is the content list:

  •    The advantages of carbon fiber mobility scooter

  •    What are the advantages of carbon fiber mobility scooters over ordinary mobility scooters?

   The advantages of carbon fiber mobility scooter

   1. Intelligent electric carbon fiber mobility scooter makes your safety guaranteed: The intelligent electric mobility scooter is upgraded based on the electric wheelchair, the appearance is more fashionable, there is an anti-tilt system to prevent tipping; Electromagnetic brake system, up and down without slipping, let go that can stop one-handed can be operated; The fastest speed of 6KM per hour.

   2. The operation of the intelligent electric carbon fiber mobility scooter is simple. The control dashboard is simple and stable, and the elderly can easily get started riding in 3 minutes.

   3. Most electric carbon fiber mobility scooters are used by the elderly and the disabled. Especially the elderly as they grow older, the body functions gradually degenerate, the legs and feet are not handy, walking stability is poor, is pushing the wheelchair by hand either need family members to push, and their rowing has been unable to do. So choose a good quality electric carbon fiber mobility scooter that can drive itself, increase the range of motion, and improve the ability to take care of itself. No longer need to rely on family members to push.

   What are the advantages of carbon fiber mobility scooters over ordinary mobility scooters?

   Carbon fiber has the characteristics of high strength, friction resistance, fast thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, moisture-proof and water-proof, etc., which ordinary metal materials do not have, and is one of the high-end aerospace materials, and is currently the highest strength of composite materials.

   Carbon fiber is a raw material that is carbonized at a high temperature of 1400℃, and later, after the stabilizer and flame resistant treatment, it turns into a fiber shape, and then after the texture preparation, you can get carbon fiber cloth, and then the carbon fiber cloth is vacuum compressed after layers of layering and bonding to become carbon fiberboard. Carbon fiber cloth and carbon fiber plate is the basic application material of carbon fiber, and the hollow carbon fiber tube for the car is particularly demanding in the manufacturing process, the cost is also much higher, if the mold is open, it is more expensive, which is the reason why the price of carbon fiber mobility scooter is relatively high. General carbon fiber mobility scooters are high-end custom cars, mainly according to special requirements or high-end customer orders for production, does not belong to the factory mass production range. We refer to the more common carbon fiber bicycle prices on the market to compare,  the price of an electric carbon fiber mobility scooter is not too cheap, this is the material and manufacturing process is limited, not too much change in a short period. We compare carbon fiber with common steel and titanium-aluminum alloy, the weight of carbon fiber material is only 1/4 of steel, but the strength is much higher than steel.

   If you are interested in a carbon fiber mobility scooter or want to buy a carbon fiber mobility scooter. our official website is www.jbhmedical.com. You can communicate with us on the website. We look forward to serving you.

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