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The Best Lightweight Mobility Scooter of 2023

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   As relative newcomers to the world of mobility devices, mobility scooter plays an important role in the life of people who need mobility assistance when traveling. With the development of industry technology, portable lightweight mobility scooter is the new trend in recent years.

   Today, we’d like to show you our most popular compact mobility scooter - FDB05A. It has many advantages.With this mobility scooter, you can get from one place to another place more quickly and easily, giving you an invaluable sense of independence and freedom.

   1. Compact size

   The mobility scooter FDB05A is foldable, and the folding size is 720*470*365mm (28.3*18.5*14.4”) , just like a tiny suitcase. It has an exceedingly small footprint, and you can easily parking this folding scooter inside your apartment.

compact Mobility Scooter

   2. Easy folding

   FDB05A is a manual folding mobility scooter, you can fold it up easily. The you can put the folding mobility scooter in the trunk of any vehicle. If you want to have a long distance travel, it would be your great choice.

   3. Lightweight and durable

   Our mobility scooter are made of aluminum alloy, a kind of material which is very durable , and the net weight is only 21kg (46.3lbs).

   4. Easy to transport

   The mobility scooter are equipped with lithium battery and airplane-approved, you can also take it to other public transportation like taxi, bus or cruises.

Lightweight Mobility Scooter

   The advantages of mobility scooter FDB05A is much more than we said before. If you want know more details , please kindly contact us.

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