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The 2nd Desert Impression Wheelchair Challenger Conference Is Underway

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        Wheelchair Racing   Wheelchair Racing

   The Second Desert Impressions Wheelchair Challengers Competition (Exclusively titled by JBH )was held at Tenggeli Desert Dream Park in A'zuoqi from June 26th to 29th. The competition featured 10 events, including a 10-kilometer wheelchair desert road challenge, a 100-meter wheelchair challenge for volunteers, a 50-meter wheelchair sprint race (individual), and a wheelchair 4x100-meter relay race (team). 150 participants and 150 volunteers will jointly embark on a test of endurance and skill!

   The event was jointly organized by the Inner Mongolia Disabled Persons Federation, Inner Mongolia Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation, and Mengxing Agency. It was hosted by the ALS League of Disabled Persons, the People's Government of A'zuoqi, and the Inner Mongolia Amputee Association.

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Wheelchair Racing

Wheelchair Racing

wheelchair racing

wheelchair racing

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