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JBH Mobility Scooter,What Are the Differences Between Them ?

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   For JBH mobility scooters, the most common question is that “What’s the differences between your mobility scooters? ” In order to let you have a better understanding of our products, we will list the differences between all our outdoor mobility scooter.

   Before talking about the differences between these mobility scooters, we can have a look at their common ground. Only when you know all features of these products, you can make your decision easier.


   1. Foldable. All JBH mobility scooters can be folded easily.

   2. Portable. The mobility scooter has a compact size and can be put into the trunk easily after folding.

   3. Intelligent braking system. All of them equipped with electromagnetic brake, and will stop immediately once you release the joystick.

   4. Easy-to-adjust tiller. Place the scooter's controls in the ideal position.

   5. Detachable lithium battery. You can charge directly or remove the battery to charge.


   After knowing the common ground, now we will show you the differences between them. And you can choose the most suitable mobility scooter according to your requirements. We have 5 models on the website and they are FDB01, FDB02, FDB05. FDB05A and FBC01, each of them have their own characteristics.

JBH Mobility Scooters

   The Materials

   For FDB01, FDB02 FDB05 and FDB05A, they are made of aluminum alloy.

   As for FBC01, it is a special mobility scooter with carbon fiber frame, and we believe it is hard to find a carbon fiber mobility scooter on the market. This kind of material usually has better performance than other materials, no matter from the crushing resistance, wear resistance or the weight.

   The Weight

  This is an important indicator when buying the mobility scooter, here are the weight of different mobility scooter.

Weight of Mobility Scooter

  The Folding Methods

   For mobility scooter, we have 3 folding methods.

  •    Manual fold : You need to fold & unfold the mobility scooter manually.

  •    Remote control fold : You can fold/ unfold the mobility scooter by remote control.

  •    Electric fold: Switch to electric mode, and press the button to fold/unfold the mobility scooter automatically.


Foldable Mobility Scooter

    The Folding Size

    When it comes to the size,most people may more care about the folding size, it is related to the size of the storage space.

Folding Mobility Scooter

      The Control Panel

       The control panel for different mobility scooters are different. Some with a big LED screen and some without it. You can choose your favorite style.


Mobility Scooter Panel

    The Lithium Battery


   For different mobility scooters, the position & quantity of battery are different. Here are the details.


Mobility Scooter Battery

   The Adjustable Tiller

      Adjustable tiller is an advantage of our mobility scooter. But for different mobility scooter, the adjustable parts are different.

Mobility Scooter Triller

   These are nearly all differences between different JBH mobility scooters.  And we are keeping designing new models to meet your different requirements. If you have any good ideas, please leave your comments below and we will try to make it happen.

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