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JBH Carbon Fiber Manual Wheelchair SC01

Unfolded Size  (L * W * H) 32.5"*(20.9"/21.7"/22.4"/23.2")*27.6"
Fold Size  (L * W * H) 32.5"*22.4"*24.4"
Seat Width 14.2"/15"/15.7"/16.5"
Seat Depth 15.7"
Seat Height Front:20.9" / Back:19.3"
Front Wheels 4" PU tire * 2 pcs
Rear Wheels 24" pneumatic tire * 2 pcs
Loading Capacity 100 kg (220 lb)
Net Weight  11 kg (24.3 lb) /11.5 kg (25.4 lb)
Package Weight 17 kg (37.5 lb)/17.5 kg (38.6 lb) 
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  • SC01

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   JBH SC01 is a lightweight portable manual wheelchair, it is made of carbon fiber and the net weight is only 11kg. Carbon fiber manual wheelchairs have several advantages over traditional wheelchairs made of steel or aluminum. If you want a high quality manual wheelchair, this would be your best choice.

JBH carbon fiber manual wheelchair SC01


Parameters of JBH SC01

   More Lightweight than traditional wheelchairs

   Carbon fiber is an extremely lightweight and strong material. Carbon fiber manual wheelchairs are significantly lighter than traditional wheelchairs, which can make them easier to maneuver and more comfortable to use for extended periods.

   Much durable than your imagination

   Carbon fiber is known for its strength and durability. Carbon fiber wheelchairs are designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use, and they are less likely to break or warp over time.


   Fashion appearance

   Our carbon fiber manual wheelchair SC02 has a modern appearance, the black&red palette is so classic and attractive.

   With better performance

   The SC01 is more responsive and easier to maneuver, which can be especially beneficial for users who need to navigate tight spaces or uneven terrain.

   carbon fiber manual wheelchair

Unfolded Size (L * W * H)
Fold Size (L * W * H)
825*570*620 mm (32.5"*22.4"*24.4")
Seat Width
360 mm (14.2")
380 mm (15")
400 mm (15.7")
420 mm (16.5")
Seat Depth
400 mm (15.7")
Seat Height
Front:530mm (20.9") / Back: 490mm (19.3")
Backrest Height
260 mm (10.2")
Front Wheels
105 mm (4") PU tire * 2 pcs
Rear Wheels
595 mm (24" ) pneumatic tire * 2 pcs
Loading Capacity
100 kg (220 lb)
Net Weight
11 kg (24.3 lb)
11.5 kg (25.4 lb)
Gross Weight
17 kg (37.5 lb)
17.5 kg (38.6 lb)

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